Monday, October 29, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - Monday morning Vegas edition!

Yes I'm in Vegas.

Because of my flight schedule yesterday, I think that's the longest I've gone without significant water intake since birth.  Basically when I got to KCI there was a line a mile long, so I had to rush to make it on my initial flight.  My second flight in Denver was only minutes behind my landing time, so I grabbed a small bottled water and chugged it then ran across the airport to make the connecting flight.

I got to Vegas and checked in, went to Dinner and drank and drank but I could tell I wasn't hydrated.  I bought more bottled water but my head started hurting later from the fucking dehydration.  I know, makes no sense.  To me either.

I haven't had a chance to look to see what they have here at the hotel gym, but when I'm on vacation I just train fun shit.  Usually no heavy pulls or squats, I do some shit that feels good and gets me a pump.  I'm not really on vacation though, since this is a company triple.

So I've had a lot of questions on some recent topics I will address again --

Reps - 

"Paul you say do reps, and then in your vids you are doing sets of 5."

Sets of 5 are repSSSSS.

I think the point of my article was NOT to base your training around heavy singles.

"But you and Phil did a bunch of singles in that session!"

We did.  However the plan was to just pull a moderate single from the floor, then work up to a top TRIPLE from mid-shin, then a back off set with max reps of 80% of that triple.


If you wanted me to give a simpler high level overview......

Off-season/foundation building -
upperbody - 8-12
lowerbody - 10-20

Strength peaking -
3's 5's and 8's

8's early in the cycle, then lots of 3's and 5's.

The last week or so you hit a single at 93% as a tester.

Can't get much simpler than that.

I also find it weird that guys say their deadlift won't/can't move on reps, when strongmen out pull everyone and they do a shit ton of reps.  I think it's probably because they do a better job of programming their rep sets.  In other words, leaving their ego at the door.

Carbs -

The other big topic for the week.  I think I've pretty much slam dunked this one.

You want to get big, you have to eat carbs.  Not really much room left for discussion in this.  

You're not going to get big and ripped at the same time.  This is a fact.  Ok?

So, low carb diets get you lean.  This has pretty much been solidified.

Carbs help you to grow muscle/get more massive.  We've also covered the biological/physiological reasons why.

I don't mind the topic continuing however there's just no real debate left here.  Much like Genghis Khan, I've beat this war drum for quite some time, and it appears the locals are now scared and running.  The "you can get big on low carb" wall has fallen and been overrun.

Sorry, but you can't.  No one has.  No one will.

Not a ton to write because I'm super busy this morning but I will update as I can.

Viva Las Vegas.....bitches.


  1. Paul,

    I think Jamie even agrees on the carbs thing, as he eats his face off on carbs once or twice a week, right?

    As for the dehydration thing, the airplanes are recycling and purifying the air. The air in them has borderline zero humidity, which could explain why you felt so dehydrated. It seems crazy, but you can lose up to a few pounds over night JUST from respiration, and in a room with normal humidity. So it makes sense that many hours spent in unnaturally low humidity can screw you up. A house in winter with the heat on can get near zero humidity, whereas even on the coldest day outside, humidity is near 60% saturation.

    Just some moisture for thought. Have a good time in Vegas.

    1. Could be. I've been drinking water all morning and my lips are still super dry and chapped and I'm still pissing yellow. Very strange.

  2. Agree on the carbs thing.

    Even guys who are on "low carb diets" eat carbs. They do refeeds, don't they? There you go, carbs. And if you want to gain on low carb, just do bigger and more frequent refeeds, and make sure you have a calorie surplus. Simple as that.

  3. you know you can get water on planes right?

    1. no way. I didn't think of that. the amount they give you is a droplet.

    2. They look at you like you just asked to eat their pussy if you request seconds on ANYTHING too. I was on a flight that got delayed 3 FUCKING HOURS ON THE TARMAC and they had the nerve to give me a cross look when I asked for an extra bag of peanuts...

  4. Some days it is just fucking impossible to get rehydrated, I think it is worse if you are someone who does drink a lot of water who then can't get to it, since you keep pissing for a while after you stop drinking.