Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Training - Press

Bodyweight - 248

Incline Press -

315x9-3 50% set

Db Bench Press - 140's x 9,5

Pull Aparts - band x 3 x 20
Poundstone Curls - bar x 100

Notes - Not terrible, but not great.  Not too bad that my incline is only 2 reps off my best ever and I haven't inclined in a while.


  1. Off topic question. Few days ago my barbell felt like it was loaded off balance to one side. Like no matter what I did it wasn't sitting right in my hands or on my back. It was always tending toward one side. Weighed the weights and they were fine. Now today during deads the shaft of the bar kept rotating and spinning like a mother in my hands. Like it fucking spins in a little circle. My bar's always been rock solid and never spun like that. What gives here?

    1. You sure the nut or whatever just hasn't came loose at either end of the bar? Happens sometimes with mine, if so just tighten it.

  2. Nice work, Paul.

    Quick question: I've been doing incline after my bench for the past few weeks. While I'm getting better at it, it still feels really awkward. As an incline expert, do you have any technical tips to share?

    1. Bring the grip in just a little, and look up my video on squeezing the biceps for overhead work. Same concept.

  3. Good shit Paul.

    Got a question about t-bar rows. I'm pretty new to these. I'm doing upper back work every workout, but Weds is an upper back focus day and I'm using t-bar rows as a main movement. I figure with upper back stuff, volume is key. So I'm doing 5 sets of 10. But I'm not sure how I should go about getting more weight on the bar. Any thoughts?

    Also, how much body english would you deem acceptable. I try to keep them strict, but towards the end of the later sets I have to cheat a bit.

    1. Check my youtube channel. That's how you should be doing em. Strict and tight.

    2. I actually did use the LRB search to watch some vids prior. Is your form considered strict? I'm not trying to be a dick obviously. I see some hip movement there with each rep. I've done them that way, but I've tried to stay super strict such that nothing moves but my arms. But to be honest it's way harder, and really I don't really feel them as much.

      Building my upper back has been a challenge for me, because I never really know what to do or how to do it or how to progress it.

      Maybe I should just shut up and lift weights :)

    3. That row there is strict. A slight amount of hip movement is fine, so long as it's not exaggerated.

  4. Hi Paul. Discovered you and LRB through CNP a couple weeks back and just completed reading through from entry one (along with SLL). Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your valuable experience and outlook on training. I'm 46 and have only been lifting a little over a year; just a cop trying to Be strong & Be in shape to do my job safely and feel good for decades to come. Your balanced perspective has been helpful and encouraging. I've started the basic LRB template and look forward to reading your thoughts on cycles for non-competitive folks, like me, who just need to be ready to rumble and win day in and out all year long--I.e., LRB 365.

    Thanks again for all the work you've put into this.

  5. Hey Paul,

    This may be a stupid question but I know at my gym there are two setups for incline- shallow and deep. Is there a reason I should be using one over the other?