Thursday, October 18, 2012

Training - Tugs

Bodyweight - no idea

Deads -
585x2 - there goes that same left quad that was strained last weekend on front squats.

I'm not really left with much of a choice.  Meet is out.  I need to spend this winter just not squatting and letting my legs rest.  I saw my orthopedic this past week, and he told me I have severe inflammation of the rectus femoris tendon.  So I need to actually not try to rehab it and let it rest.  He gave me a shot in the quad for it, however because of all the compensating I've been doing with my left leg, that quad is now strained as well.  Such is training.

I think all I need to do is just allow my legs to rest, and the inflammation subside, and things will be fine.  I do know that when I recover, that front squats are going to be at the very front of my program.  I really believe that right now my quads are now behind my glute, hip, and adductor strength.  All things have to be in balance or injuries occur.  I spent years building up the adductors in order for my squat to get over 600 beltless, now the quads need to come up as well.

I also think all of that front squatting will bring my dead up as well.

Not depressed.  Going to get my upperbody swole on for a while and let the wheels rest for a bit.


  1. Sounds like a great time to go after that 315 Press

  2. Definitely disappointed for you. From a personal perspective, I was really looking forward to reading about your odyssey through it and the experience as captured by your unique style. Disappointed I'm not going to get to read that this time around.

    Feel better and heal well, man.