Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Training - Deadlifts

Bodyweight - 248

Pause Squats -

Deadlifts -

Deficit Deads - 500x4,4
Elevated Stiff Legs - 455x6
Db Rows - 140x15,15

Notes - Hard ass mother chicken session.  But the 550x5 felt fast and easy.  Feel good about where I'm starting and how things are feeling early.


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    1. I intend to pull 700+ at this meet. If I don't, it won't be because I didn't work hard enough.

  2. Damn. How high is right for deficit lifts? I've never done those; just standard Deads.

    1. 25 pound plates with a mat on them. Not too high. If you get too high there is no carryover because the movement changes too much.

    2. Assuming, based on the order in which you posted your workout, those are support work after the main lifts?

      I keep asking enough stupid questions, or I say ask something that's clearly laid out in your book, don't hesitate to tell me to eff off and buy the damn book.

  3. I thought you were doing the standard strong-15 rep scheme for deads? Decided you just felt like doing some reps this time?

    1. I am running the strong-15 for my rep scheme. However I'm pulling reps for a few weeks because I'm not positive where my dead is at right now. The deifict deads are my backoffs.

  4. Hell of a session. I'm always impressed at how solid your technique is on everything. I'm jealous how you've got all your sweet spots figured out, that's where I'm still getting fucked. I feel I could pull way better if I would just find my goddamn sweet spot.

    Anyhow, I had a question concerning deads (this post seemed appropriate):

    I have SLL and I read about your block deadlift program (my deadlift sucks ass and I wanna fix that). It looks good and I'm gonna do it. However, I've been looking all over the book and the site for this but I can't find an answer. What sort of number should your deadlift be at at the end of the cycle? Let's say you can block pull 400lbs in week 9. What sort of deadlift are you looking at then? And what happens after the cycle (let's say I wanna do another cycle, I'm sort of at a loss what sort of percentages you use for that new cycle)?

    I will say that I'm not a competing powerlifter, so I don't know how peaking applies to me. I'm after a solid base of strength.

    1.'s literally right after the block deadlift cycle....

      A copy and paste.

      "You will need to program in something you feel like you can realistically hit from the floor, and go from there. Let me emphasize the word REALISTICALLY here."

    2. Ah shit...never was good at reading comprehension. I thought you were referring to the number you had to plug in for the block deadlift sheet. In other words, I thought you meant that the percentages of the deadlift you use for the block pulls was what you were referring to there, and that you had to use a deadlift max that you could realistically hit (for me that was 150kg, or 330lbs, so that's the number I based my block pull percentages off).

      But you're saying that I should just use a realistic number after I'm done again, right? so something a bit above 150kg for instance if I can block pull 152kg (which is what I'm programmed to hit in week 9 ), probably something like a 160ish pull from the floor then.

      I probably sound fucking retarded to you but I just wanna get my shit together for the deadlift.

    3. Jesus man. I am referring to the number you plug in for the block deadlift. Read it again.......

      "You will need to program in something you feel like you can realistically hit from the floor, and go from there."

      I think that's pretty easy to understand.

  5. Paul,

    Here is my 2x per week training program just wondering what you think?

    Incline Press-cycle
    BB Rows 3-5x10-20
    Press Behind Neck-cycle
    Pulldowns 3-5x10-20

    Pause Squat-cycle
    Deadlift-cycle (alternating the back-offs with pulls from floor and from a deficit)
    Elevated Stiff Legs-cycle (may do extra 1-2 sets here to bring my pull to push ratio 2:1 same as upper body)
    Dips 3-5xAMRAP
    Curls 3-5xAMRAP

    Conditioning: 2-3x per week mainly Hill Sprints and Ab Roller
    Band work: 2x per week for prehab and active recovery Exercises I am thinking: Banded flyes, pressdowns, curls, good mornings, laterals, facepulls, pull aparts, squats, rows and pulldowns.

    Please comment, question or critique have SLL and really have bought into it and want to be big, strong, and in shape.

    1. Thanks Paul I guess I just wanted reassurance that I was doing it right from start.