Saturday, July 6, 2013

A real simple diet that works

Make a list of foods you will allow yourself to eat. They should all be quality foods. I don't care what "diet" you choose, just pick quality foods. I think we all know that fast food and processed shit isn't quality, before all the comedians weigh in.

Everyday, you're allowed to eat as much from the quality food list that you want.

See how long you can stay on your "diet" without deviating from it.

If/when you blow it, reward yourself with a day of what you want. Then try to beat that previous streak.

So if you went 91 days before you cheated, then try to beat that 91 days after you binge for a day on what you want.

Again, do not starve yourself. Eat as much quality food as you want. It just has to be clean, quality food.

I will bet you money that if you can stick to this for an extended period you'll be amazed at the results.


  1. This is a hell of an idea. What I've been doing (scheduled cheatfests) is working well enough for me so far, but I'm interested in other peoples' thoughts on this plan.

    1. A possibility if the progress stalls is to turn it goal oriented rather than schedule or process oriented. In other words, you get the cheat when you lose 2 lbs and not before. When things start going slowly, the cheat will actually prevent you from hitting the next threshold.

      The simple approach Paul outlined will also work very well. Probably a lot easier to plan for...

  2. this will work 100%, at least it did work for me seven years ago, i had just minimum knowledge of what quality food list is, and i did what Paul here recommends...
    ended up with a full year without having sweets of any kind (that was imperative), and i had few cheat meals for a whole year

    so no carb cycling, keto, low carb, carb backloading and so on, just willpower and stupid simple approach

    of course, eventually i had to apply some of these diets as i got leaner