Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Training - Deadlifts

Bodyweight - 255

Deficit Deads -

585x3,3 tore callous....fuck

Leg Press - 500x20,20,20,20

Notes - Tore my callous off on the second set of 585x3.  Was going to do another set and even some back off work because I felt pretty good but no dice.

Leg press did NOT hurt the quad so I will do those until the knee/quad stops hurting and then resume shit.

Let me also say that since I have not been able to squat I definitely feel much weaker off the floor than when I do.  Something that I've said for a while is if you want to get stronger off the floor you need more quads.  Well, this just confirms that notion.  My speed off the floor while it may not have looked much different than before, didn't feel anywhere near as powerful.  Hopefully the leg pressing will at least get SOME of that back.


  1. I hate tearing callouses...

    Have you had a chance to check out Wendler's new book? It seems like you had some influence on quite a few of the new variations.

  2. Nice deads man... nice deads...

  3. Yo Paul,

    Weightlifting shoes and deadlifting. Good idea in your opinion?

    Just bought some and I feel AWESOME. Makes the initial pull off the floor much more stronger and faster for me.

    And squatting feels insane as well. Totally deep and my feet feel like they are cemented on the floor.

    1. That means you're getting more quads involved in the pull, which is why it feels better off the floor. Sometimes it's the little things.