Friday, July 19, 2013

Off to Iowa - UPA meet

I'm off to Iowa for the UPA meet this weekend.  I will be there to support Pete Rubish, who I helped the last few months with his training while he dieted down into a stick and got the flu (that he just got over).

Nevertheless, Pete will still be competing and I'm sure he'll lay it all out there.  I also can't wait to meet some more people who I've only had the experience of talking to online.


  1. Have a safe trip Paul and good luck Pete! "EASYYY!!!!"

  2. Best of luck to Pete.

    You wrote on the Pendlay Rows post:

    "The low back takes a long time to recover. It's my belief that a fatigued low back is what causes a lot of guys to think they have that broscience bullshit of "CNS burnout". The low back and hips are the REAL core of your body. When it is fatigued (muscularly) you are going to notice a significant drop in strength on the big movements. That area needs to recover. The squat and pull provide plenty of stimulation for the erectors"

    I think this is an area you could do a post on. I know you write about overtraining but specifically the effects of overdoing pulling, squatting, and barbell rows. My squat now seems a little easier that I dropped deadlift and am doing more DB rows in place of barbell. This was something I spun my wheels on for a year.

    I believe my deads can go up without doing them if that means my squat goes back up. Sometimes less is more.

    Ok my follow up question. I was going to drop weighted hyperextensions and you mentioned doing SLDL. Will this take some stress off the erectors or was this just your suggestion to break up the monotony?

    1. Monotony for the most part. You really just need to let the low back rest. It's not like working say, chest, where some extra blood helps with healing. My own personal experience has shown that you just leave the low back alone.

      I will be writing philosophies based around this in base building.