Monday, July 8, 2013

Thoughts about life, crap, training and stuff - Monday not so much going on edition

Base Building book - 

One of the downfalls of most programming schemes or routines, even my own to a degree, is that they all assume that each lift needs to be treated with equal attention, or programmed similarly.

One of the cool things I will be going over in base building will be the ability to manipulate programming inside of the "routine" so that each lift is getting attention and intensity based on how it is performing.  Individually I mean.

What I am getting at here is, a 5x5 on squat may not be what you need on bench.  You will program bench differently than you do squats, and deadlifts.  Not only that, you'll have the ability to change programming during the cycle based on the feedback you are getting from your training.

I also feel like the new split, which I dubbed the "zenith" will address the problem most guys have when their pull gets heavy enough that they can't pull each week without stalling.

In the zenith each lift is given a certain amount of priority each week, and that waves over the course of the month.  The squat and press wave similarly, and the deadlift waves completely different.  There is also a fourth component, back work, that gets waved in all by itself at times.  I will address why in the manual.

Either way, I won't say any of this is new, but it is "different".  I would say there be a combining of concepts in this book that I haven't really seen in other places, and I think everyone knows I'm not one for hyperbole.  So I'm pretty excited about getting it out there.

The strong-15 short cycle gets a bit of a revamp too (mainly for the pull), and you'll see how to seamlessly flow from BB work to the short cycle.  It's what I have been doing with Pete Rubish and some other guys as well.  Pete is in the process of cutting down to 198 so I don't expect his lifts to be at some kind of all time high.  We've been having to make adjustments as we go.  I still expect a solid showing from him however.

Store - 

I'm about to launch a new store that way you can order shirts of different sizes and such without making multiple orders.  It looks pretty bad ass so I'm very excited about getting it up soon.

best shirt I've seen in a while

Podcast -

No podcast last night, however we will resume next week with a guest.  That'd be the ridiculously strong and intelligent Jay Nera.

True story - 

This is completely true. So much so, I thought for a minute I might be on candid camera.

Yesterday as I was leaving the gym, the little dude behind the counter told me "man, I hope I can be as big as you one day." I asked him how long he had been lifting, and got to know him a little bit.

I told him I had been training for 25 years, and assured him that I was no genetic marvel. That I had put in a lot of hard work and many years of frustration to get where I was. I told him that I too still have a lot of goals left to conquer, and that I don't feel like we are ever happy with where we are at.

He agreed, and thanked me for taking time out to talk with him. And then as I was about to walk away from the counter, he literally said this to me..........

"What kind of protein you use, bro?"
Anderson Silva got KTFO - 

I don't need to belabor this forever because I did on facebook over the weekend.  However let me say all things catch up with you karma wise, and Anderson Silva finally got caught.  Literally.  In the mouth.  By someones fist.

You always need to respect your opponent.  Always.  Anderson was not "bored", he did not throw the fight.  That's fucking nonsense.  He lacked respect for Weidman, and felt like he could intimidate him.  All it did, was piss Chris off.

But back to the whole "he threw the fight" bullshit.

Guys in MMA don't throw fights by getting KO'd.  Ok?  They get subbed and tap.  That's throwing a fight.  It's clear he took that shot right on the jaw, his eyes rolled back in his head, and his knees wobbled.

His post fight speech further backs up his arrogance in that he blew it off.  "Meh, I don't care about a rematch.  Meh....meh, nag.  I got other things to do."

Anderson's streak was important to him.  I'm sure the shock of getting knocked the fuck out was a part of him blowing that off.  There will be a rematch.  And if I had to bet money on it, I'd bet on Silva.  He won't treat Wiedman like a paper tiger again.  He'll come in focused and fight his best fight.  If anything, this loss could spur Anderson on to fighting some of his best fights again.  Or, it could be done.  I'll cover my ass on both sides that way I don't look wrong later.  See what I did there?

Brazil and beheadings - 

Speaking of Brazil and Brazilians......apparently a fight at a soccer game broke out, and a ref got into a scuffle with a player, then stabbed him.  The fans thought this to be shenanigans of unacceptable proportions, and proceeded to corner said ref, stone him to death, and behead him.  Placing his head on a stake in the middle of the soccer field.

Brazilians know how to party!

Training - 

Training is going awesome, well, except for not being able to squat.  My knee is still in bad shape and I have a doc appt this week to get it looked at.  I've never had a knee problem in my life, and I think this is more tendinitis related than anything serious.

Over the last couple of months I've hit incline press 425x1, 365x8, 225x29.  I hit a close grip bench of 365x7.5 last week, and two weeks before that I hit 275x8 in the press behind the neck.

So pressing is going very well, pulling is just now starting to come back after taking a short dip from the weekend of the seminar where I missed that 660 from a deficit.

Also.........this is fucking awesome.  If you like Job For A Cowboy (and you should!) that's their guitarist Tony Sannicandro rocking some LRB wear!  YES!

Thanks Tony!

I hope everyone is having a superlative Monday and kicks ass all fucking week.


  1. Looking forward to hearing Jay Nera.

  2. I am brazilian and I second your opinion on Anderson Silva. A lot of brazilians (including myself), are sick of his arrogance and we were actualy supporting Weidman. He had it coming and he deserved it.

    On the beheading topic, that might have been a fun game to watch lol. They killed the referee cuz the player he stabbed ended up dieing. But lets be honest here: who the fuck goes to a soccer game with a knife in his pocket? Lol

  3. South Americans take their football seriously, don't forget the Colombian who got shot to death after scoring an own goal in a world cup. Can't wait for the World Cup next year in Brazil, going to be epic.

    Really like the idea of programming lifts differently!
    Like you say nothing new and most of us have probably played around with our programming/training to accomodate a strong or weak lift but for some reason it hasn't really been put out there before, be interesting to see how you would structure it.

    1. It will definitely be a little different in terms of what most programs do. Even my own.

  4. Hey Paul,

    when the book is to be expected?

  5. Great post. I kind of stumbled on programming my lifts differently on my own. Particularly the deadlift was needing a different approach from the squat. Haven't needed to change anything else yet, though.

    Definitely looking forward to the new book.

  6. I hope the knee gets better soon. Know how frustrating an injury is. I love it, that you told the guy at the front desk of they gym that it took you 25 years to get to the point you are now. More people need to hear this. I had to hear this from my trainer.