Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nice testimonial


I found your page last July and I am really thankful that I did. Up until last summer I had adopted the "Fat Powerlifter" mentality. I figured if I lifted heavy and ate McDonald's on a somewhat regular basis, it would make me super jacked and tan. The results? After doing this for a year I was the fattest I had ever been, my strength had made marginal gains AT BEST, my lipid profile took a big dive (my HDL was <15!!!) and the constant heavy lifting had developed stress fractures in both of my arms along the length of my ulna bones.
Ever since I adopted your mentality of being strong while not being a fat sack of ass at the same time, my body has made a complete 180. My body composition has improved dramatically by decreasing my overall bodyfat by more than 7%. My strength is better now than it ever has been in my entire life by training in the 70-85% range. My lipid profiles are now not only back to normal, but they are better than they have been in a while (HDL is back up to 55mg/dL). Oh yeah, and my stress fractures are gone now despite the fact I can lift heavier weight.
Thanks again, I hope you keep doing what you are doing so you can help others in the same way you have helped me.

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