Thursday, July 11, 2013

Regular (sloppy) barbell rows

This is the "regular" barbell row, that is a bit sloppier. Now, this is about as sloppy as I deem "ok" in terms of rowing. Anything sloppier than this and you're just monkey humping the fucking bar, and fooling yourself. That's just how I view it. In fact, I'd even say these are a bit too sloppy for my own taste, however I didn't even get my usual set of 12 here, so I was a little weaker than usual this time, and had more monkey humping than I would like.

What I have been doing is working up to 365xmax reps for 2 sets, with straps, then a down set with 315 no straps. This is not hook gripped.

The barbell row is probably your best deadlift assistance movement because the relation of the bar to your body, how you start the movement, and the muscles it works. If throw in light GM's for hams you've pretty much got all of your bases covered in terms of deadlift assistance.


  1. Paul,

    I agree about regular vs sloppy rowing in the sense whether or not people realize it there is a definite difference of the feel of the movement and how the muscles contract on that basis. I myself have been doing a lot of John Meadows inspired rowing and pull-up/down variations that will really work the muscles like meadows rows and the trap bar and cambered bar rows to slightly increase range of motion for a deeper contraction.

    1. You can't go wrong with following some of what John does.

  2. Hi paul, are these what give you your gigantic forearms?
    I usually do rows each rep from the floor, not "hanging". I'm guessing you do them that way as there is better crossover to your deadlift from the extra grip and core work? would you suggest them as generally better than deadstop (pendlay rows) for the deadlift,
    thanks in advance.

    1. No, I got big forearms from my dad. I've never done much forearm work. I did some when I was doing doggcrapp training however they are just naturally big.

  3. Hey paul, you mentioned in SLL that if you're an intermediate, running the strong 15 short cycle with a ton of assistance work was a good 'year round' template, whats a good rule of thumb for the assistance work as far as volume.

  4. Love rows. Currently doing Pendlay rows in my routine. I have done the Bent Over Rows. Little more risk for back strain with them with me.

    Not using straps is a great way to automatically keep all forms from getting too sloppy.

    Your grip will almost always give out before your back does, thus your ego can't tempt you to put more weight than you should have on the bar and make look like some kind of weird shrug/momentum movement.

    Thanks for the blog