Sunday, July 14, 2013

Training - Press

Training - Bodyweight 257 (been eating "clean")

Incline Press -



Hammer Shrugs - 225x60,60,60,60
Pushdowns - 5x20
Upright Rows - 90x10,10,10
Calf Raises - stack x 10,10,10

Notes - Felt weak and slow. 80%.


  1. You gotta get your weight back up brah. You still on protein?

  2. Hey Paul, totally off topic but I got this nagging problem...

    My front right shoulder cracks a lot. Every time I raise my right arm laterally or even when I rotate it, the front shoulder cracks. It is also very tight (I gotta grip wide for the squat, don't have the flexibility to go narrow).

    So, I've been hammering away with standing overhead presses and a lot of rear delt work for 4 months now but the problem is still there and now it hurts. I am however getting stronger with the press and bench press but it started to hurt last week after a military press session. I've been icing and taking naproxen for the past four days now, hopefully it goes away.

    Have you ever experienced this? What have you done if you did?

    1. You need to see a doctor. I can't say. Never had that.

    2. Saw one already. All he said was 'oh stop lifting weights for awhile, take some naproxen, ice it, some popping is normal.' Not buying that shit, lol. I think I will go back and ask for an mri. Possibly go see a chiropractor too. Thanks.

    3. 1. Stop benching but keep pressing overhead and focus on good form
      2. Take a hardball roll your cuff with it you will find painful spots under front deltoid and rear deltoid hit them hard. This should give you immediate relief.
      3. Work on thoracic extension and shoulder flexibility and LAT flexibility. Shoulder dislocation are good start but just a start...
      4. Programming flaws? -> Cleans on leg day or upright rows on back day this will kill supraspinatus.
      5. Db Lateral hold this will pump & stretch the shoulders giving immediate relief in pain and better recovery. Rotator cuff exercises are useless imo but you can try high reps if it works.

    4. Hey Kimmo, it doesn't hurt benching. Did it last night and shoulders are fine today. Grant it, I've been on naproxen and icing them. They did not hurt after my bench session last week either. They did however, hurt after my military press session two weeks ago. I skipped the press day last week to give my delts a rest.

      I will hardball my front and rear delts. Sounds like a good plan as I love foam rolling them. Feels great afterward.

      I'll start doing dislocates as soon as my shoulder feels better. I'm on naproxen right now and icing them every night.

      Programming flaws? Hmm, I hope not! My strength trainer wrote me a program after many sessions working with him. I don't clean on leg day and neither do I do upright rows on back day. I do however, follow up deadlifts with strict and/or sloppy rows.

      Rotator cuff exercises might be uesless man. I've been hammering them for a long time now and nothing has worked!

      Thanks for the responses!