Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BigLifter goes 9/9 and elite at 165

Bigs sent his write up about the meet to me.  I want to say, 9 for 9.....that is how you fucking do it.  Train for success!  Not this "if you didn't mis a lift you didn't go heavy enough" bullshit.  1300 @ 165 raw and drug free is a hell of an accomplishment.  Big congrats.


Overall went 9/9 totaling 1300 in the 165's, raw/drug-free/all that jazz:

Squat - Just felt on from the first warmup. Previous meets, I would always cut the depth close and usually draw one red light on the last attempt.  This time, all whites and I credit the pause squats in getting more confident in the hole.  I'm beyond convinced that doing box squats kept my squat from progressing for a long time and was about the most retarded thing a raw squatter can do (practice relaxing in the bottom; not too brilliant in retrospect).  465lbs. on the final lift

Bench - Always been a shitty bencher, but at least progress is happening again.  This was a weird one, because my last attempt flew up the easiest.  Not sure if I got tighter, more fired up, hit the pause right at the sweet spot, or what happened.  Left some on the platform, but finished out 295lbs.

Deadlift - Tore this one up.  And again, I have to thank the inclusion of the backoff sets during training, in helping me to gut out that last attempt.  Always would be gassed after the 2nd, but Saturday I finally got it right.  Pulled a 3rd attempt 540lbs. nice and clean. 
Looking back, those backoff sets were just the ticket to kick this whole thing in high gear.  I used to do the typical shit you see everyone do; work to up to a 1-3RM weight and call it a day.  But that was like getting 10 feet away from the finish line and never crossing.  Thx again. 



  1. Congrats! What did your routine look like??


  2. Strong-15. Ran it 3 cycles through and each time added 5-10 lbs. to the 1RM values the lifts were based on.