Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekly Q & A.......

name and question.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Not a question but I took your advice about using a thumbless grip for benching and it seems to automatically lead the bar in the right direction (bar path). Thanks for that!

  2. It's not a question I just wanted to say that I follow your log for a long time so thank you for your posts I learned great things from you.
    Ido, Isreal.

  3. Pretty nice to wake up to 2 "your welcomes" as replies.

    Glad anything I can write can give any benefit.

  4. Paul,
    Loving this training style. 1 week in on big15, and it's totally new to me. Been training for 20 years and this has totally renewed my interest and kept me fresh. Couple questions though - On the movements that are listed as 5x10, am I to still rest 60 seconds between sets and try to keep hitting 10 with the same weight, or should I be going max effort in every set and stripping weight off between sets?
    On T_bar rows, when it says 6x10 to a top set of 10 is this a series of warmup sets until a max effort final set of ten?
    I am getting out of the gym FAST... like 30 minutes sometimes. I like the efficiency, but it's messing with my head a little. Is this workout really supposed to be that short or am I screwing something up?

  5. 6x10 to a top set means 6 progressively heavier sets. So like 1 plate x 10, 2 plates x 10, etc until you reach a "top set"

    I don't worry about time in and out. I work fast and I am in and out in 45 minutes right now and I do a TON of work. If you are progressing don't sweat the time in and out.

  6. Finishing up the Strong-15 template I set up using
    405 285 575 as 3rd attempt maxes with really good results. I haven't tested maxes, but I've hit or exceeded the # of reps (DL pending) on all my test days throughout the 9 weeks. I have a meet on December 11th that I've got my eye on and I'd like to keep the same template used in the strong-15/big-15 template (if I didn't have the meet I'd probably run big-15 2 or 3 times, if I had another 3 weeks to prep, I'd just run strong-15 again with adjusted maxes). What would you recommend doing over the 6-7 weeks of real training time that I have before then? Is it prudent to run the last 6 weeks of strong-15 (with slightly elevated target maxes)? Maybe work in 3 weeks of big-15 at 1st attempt maxes, then do the last 3 week phase of strong-15?

    I'm just sorta spitballing here.


  7. Paul,

    Post-training; shake, solid food, or doesn't really matter

  8. when benching raw..whre is the bar suppose to touch ?

  9. George - All depends on your technique but raw generally it's right at the low pec line or right below.

    Bigs - Doesn't matter I don't think. Just get something solid in. If it's food, go with a nice clean protein source and a small amount of carbs and veggies.

    Shanker - Just run the strong-15 again. Just take the week of the meet off. Then count back weeks from there and where ever you land is fine. So if you have to start in week 2 of phase 1 that's fine. That's 8 weeks of meet prep if you start next week I believe. That's perfectly fine.

  10. Paul,

    Do you ever count calories when you're dieting or do you eyeball portions and use rules of thumb to get a ballpark? (I fell off the shake diet wagon, just couldn't do another strawberry or chocolate MRP. Been eating clean as hell since though and I feel great).


  11. Dave - I only run the shake diet 6 weeks MAX. It's a short term deal, not something to be done over a long period of time. I used to count calories but now I don't. I eyeball portions and listen to my a body quite a bit. Since I eat low glycemic carbs only (for the most part) I never really crave sweets or shit like that anymore, and that's been a godsend. So now, I just eat when I feel depleted and cut back when I am not hungry and never force feed.

    Really it's a technique that Phil Hernon has used with the guys he has trained. You have a eating "plan" but you vary how much you eat based on what your body is telling you. If you need more, eat a little more. If you aren't hungry, don't force feed. Make sure that you eat healthy and keep your carbs in a downwards trend through the day and you will find that this plan works.

  12. Thanks for the response. I was tracking calories but find a lot of the info on the web varies, even for a fucking chicken breast I could be 100% higher using one protein count vs. another website.

    I'll definitely take your advice of just listening to hunger. I've been keeping carbs lower on off days and going for the more starchy stuff post-workout. I feel great and have a ton of energy--which makes me think I'm eating too much! Maybe it's just the better food though. Thanks again.

  13. On a diet that helps to shed bodyfat I can't imagine having a ton of energy. Remember losing fat generally has the opposite effect of that. The body doesn't like a calorie deficit.

  14. What do you think of good mornings?

  15. I like em, but stay medium on em. People doing good mornings to max reps aren't putting a whole lot of thinking into their training. I've never seen a good morning event at any powerlifting meet or strongman competition.