Sunday, October 23, 2011

Training - Conditioning

So my fight instructor decided he wanted to push the sled today.

We ended up pushing the sled for a fucking hour, and my legs were so numb I couldn't fucking stand for about 20 minutes.

This is what we did -

no weight on sled 80 yards x 3
2 45's - 80 yards x 3
4 45's - 80 yards x 3
2 45's sled pull (low handles) for 40 yards, then 40 yard sprint
4 45's sled pull for 80 yards
6 45-pound plates 80 yards x 1

Then we did 80 yards for 4 sets of sled rowing with cleans, 4 total plates.  Then finished it with a superman with 4 45's x 80 yards.

Fuck that asshole with a porcupine dildo.


  1. Hi Paul,

    I was just wondering if this is similar to plate pushes?

    I'm trying to improve my conditioning for a firefighter fitness test next year.

    My training is based on 5x5 (1x/week and I add 10lbs when I get 5x5-- Cleans, Strict Press, Bench Press, Squats, Deadlifts, Barbell Rows)

    I am running 400 meters for interval training-- walk the corners and 'sprint' the straights. Do you think I am heading in the right direction in terms of conditioning? Thanks!

  2. We did basically prowler training.

    Looks fine Howard. Just make sure the diet is right and that you take your time with it. Conditioning too fast is the fastest route to overuse.

  3. Hey Paul, I just purchased your ebook but I'm not quite sure how I go about downloading it? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Paul, how do you eat on the days you do not train in any way?

  6. I don't have a day I don't train in "any way" usually. But if I am not lifting I just eliminate the pre-workout meal and the post workout shake. that's about it. If you look in the LRB diet template you will see it outlined.

  7. Hey Paul,

    I saw that you commented a while back about not using your sled much. Would you be interested in selling it or loaning it out?

    (I'm the guy that would periodically bother you at 68, at least, one of them.)