Sunday, October 30, 2011

Perfect squat form.........

Also notice the head position, since I know people who argue with the head down position.  I still don't know why people talk about looking up or driving the head back in a squat.  It's still a pet peeve of mine when people are talking about squatting.  Anyway, before I get on a rant and lose all train of thought, great picture....


  1. That's great. Similarly, my voice and movement professor in college used to keep a picture on her desk of toddlers standing together as an illustration of the perfect posture people have until they let life contort them into something else.

  2. This is awesome, the flawless argument to form retards. Where did you find it?

  3. Paul, I don't care anything about golf, but I'm fascinated by this guy, and thought you might find it interesting:

    One of the really cool things that isn't mentioned in that summary is that the coaches he enlisted made him start off by putting and doing NOTHING else. Once he became an adequate putter, they let him move up to the next largest club, until he got okay with that, and then the next largest, etc. He just competed in his first tournament, and he still hasn't used a driver, lol.

    Anyway, as a novice lifter, I think about that approach all the time when I'm examining my own programming.

  4. This is very cool Nilster. Learn to master every aspect before moving on to a new one. I like it.

  5. This reminded me of something I read by Dan John today:

    "I have spent my life trying to understand weightlifting. It seems to me that there are three important keys:
    Basic Human Movements
    Reps and Sets
    Sadly, I think this is the correct order that we should approach weightlifting: first, we need to establish the correct postures and patterns, then work around reasonable “numbers” of movements in a training session, and, finally, we should discuss the load. Sadly, the industry, and I am guilty of this as well, has switched the order and made a 500 pound deadlift the “answer” to improving one’s game or cutting some fat"

    More at

    Unless you have prize money on moving the most weight, why not move the best, and then add weight? Something about the young that show this and the old that shows what happens when we ignore it.