Monday, October 24, 2011

LRB Template with the Strong-15

So if you are going to do a meet, and want to run the LRB template to do it, we can talk about how I'd do that.

The assistance work can stay the same/play with it whatever.

My recommendation is to run a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday schedule.  That way you have two days off between squats and pulls.  Or you can do it like the template says and Squat on Monday, bench on Tuesday or Wednesday and then pull that Saturday.

Either way, if you wanted to use the LRB template with the strong-15 this is how I would personally set it up.

Week 1 - 

Day 1 - Bench with heavy assistance
Bench - cycle
PBN - heavy - 2x5
Side Laterals - 5x15-20
Pushdowns - 5x15-20

Day 2 - Squats with heavy assistance
Squats - cycle
Pause Squats - cycle
Hacks - 4 x 8-10
Leg Ext - 4x20

Day 3 - Deads with light assisatnce
Deadlift - cycle
Shrugs - 4x20-30
Leg Curls - 4x20
Curls - 4x20

So as you can see, you line up all the assistance stuff in the same "heavy heavy light" system as you do in the normal LRB template.  The only thing that changes in the first big movement.

Week 2 - 

Day 1 - Bench with light assistance
Bench - cycle
Seated Db Press or Machine Press - 3 x 15-20
Upright Rows - 4 x 20
Overhead Rope Extensions - 4 x 15-20

Day 2 - Squats with light assistance
Squats - cycle
Pause Squats - cycle
Adductor Machine - 4 x 20
Abductor Machine - 4 x 20

Day 3 - Deads with heavy assistance
Deadlifts - cycle
T-bar or Barbell Rows - 5 x 8 to top heavy set of 8
Good Mornings - 4 x 5 medium weight
Curls - 4 x 10

Notes - None of the assistance work is carved in stone.  Just be cognitive of what you are using, and why you are using it.

My other recommendation honestly, is to drop the majority of the assistance work for the last phase of the strong-15.  Pare things back to the squats, pause squats, deads, bench, and curls (yes the curls god dammit!).  After that you need to get an idea of the things that might be helping you the most.  So your assistance work needs to be tailored for YOU.  Not me, or someone else.

Don't neglect conditioning during this phase.  Pare it back to walking, but get that in 3 times a week minimum.


  1. paul, even though im not using this program it looks solid as hell!!! i am finishing up a nine week template you put up here a while back, and finished today with a 305lb bench press for a triple pausing the first rep. this should set me up for a 325-330 max at the meet. i'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Awesome to hear about the progress Bruiser. Let me know how the meet goes. Make sure to open LIGHT!!!!

  3. I was going to ask this very same question. I have been running the Strong 15 for 3 weeks since I bought it from you, and was wondering how it reconciled with the LRB template. Thanks for answering it.

  4. Finishing Week 7 of Strong 15. Like a champ! I failed on Week 5 of Squats and nearly went into panic mode but powered through week 6. I'm so happy with my progress. Love the programming. I don't have a competition that I'm dialing it in for. I'd like to do something in 2012. There is a local bench/deadlift day and formal competition in the fall (2012). Run Strong 15 again? I feel like I don't need a week off, still take it? I'm so enouraged with results. My last round is 405, 300, 405. I've never benched 300 ever! My deadlift technique is improving tremendously, I think I could do 450, how much is too much to move up (also).

    Thanks! Your the best!

  5. yeah thats what i was thinking first attempt 275 second 305 third balls out!!

  6. Sam - Thanks for the update on your progress! You can keep running it year round or if you have a meet, run the big-15 until it's time to go into meet prep.

  7. Hi Paul, been using your Strong15 last couple months. I'm going to do a 'mock meet' in the gym soon and I have a question.

    In what manner should I warm up for my max attempts? Do I stick with the 5-4-3-2 and the 1-1-1 will be my max attempts? And if thats the case do I stick with the exact same weights I used in week 9 for the 5432?


  8. Each phased is planned off your opener, your second, and last attempt. Those are the weights you should hit for the 3 singles.