Thursday, October 20, 2011

LRB no-deload deload time

So I haven't trained this week other than conditioning.  I am doing my no-deload deload.  In other words, I am not lifting right now.  I have been going at it pretty hard for a while and I am starting to feel a little beat up, and mentally not looking forward to my lifting.  I know that's when it is time to take a break.  My IT bands are screaming right now.

Some of the things I was able to do over the last couple of months in terms of progress....

Got in shape again.  Bodyweight is usually between 235 and 240 now and I'm pretty lean.  Back in 34 pants.
I need to be at 240 but even leaner.

Front Squat - 405 x 1 and 365 x 5
This needs to be 455 x 1 and 405 x 5 so I will keep working towards that.

Squatted 565 beltless easily.
Need to be hitting 585-605 here easily

Just missed a 700 block pull below the knees.
Need to block pull 725

Did 245 x 3 on press behind the neck (not to failure)
Need to be at 275x5 here

Db Overhead Pressed the 100's x 17, 120's x 10 and the 110's x 12
Need to be at 110 x 20 here.

So as you can see, I am not taking some shots in the dark, I have some very specific goals in mind.  Over the next training cycle(s).  My assistance work is paying off as other than a little overuse in my IT bands (which I think is from all the conditioning I have been doing actually) I feel damn healthy.  My changes have been very positive in every way.

My next training cycle I won't change a lot.  I will use my light leg day to do more glute work, as I think my glutes could be stronger and more developed.  So I will be focusing on that a bit.  Other than that I think most of it will look the same.

Week 1 -

Day 1 - Heavy Press
Close Grips
Upright Rows
Dip Machine

Day 2 - Heavy Legs
Hacks or Leg Press
Leg Ext

Day 3 - Light Back
Speed Pulls/GM's
Leg Curls

Week 2 -

Day 1 - Light Pressing
Seated Db Press
Incline Press
Side Laterals
Rope Extensions

Day 2 - Light Legs
Pause Squats/Fronts
Glute Machine
Barbell Hip Thrusts
Adductor/Abductor Machine

Day 3 - Heavy Back
Block Pulls
Heavy Rows


  1. Hi Paul.

    For triceps strength would you recommend close grip barbell floor press?
    i feel that these puts more stress on my triceps than regular CG bench and at the same time working my chest better then the regular bench. Plus saves my shoulders.


  2. John - Sounds like you answered your own question dawg. I will be doing some of those in the upcoming training cycle as well.

  3. hehe..yeah but still a lot of people tell me to stick with the normal CG bench instead of doing the floor press. They say that its better to work out with full ROM. But still i feel that the floor press is superior since it doesn't use stretch and leg drive, therefore solely relying on raw strength.

    Lately I have been trying to cut out things that don't work for me even though they work for others BUT its hard since every one around me says that f.ex you cant build great back without t-bar or Barbell row. but I have never felt it in my back when i do these exercises.

    Instead I rely on chins/ pull ups, one arm db row and other DB variations and sometimes seated rows. They also don't irritate my lower back as much and I feel I can concentrate more on the pulling part instead of focusing too much on form especially barbell rows where the lower back is very often injured because of poor form.

    Why am I saying all this is probably because I want some sort of confirmation about what I do is correct or not... :D

    Enlighten me Master Iron.


  4. The reason you don't feel rows in your back probably has to do with many things.

    1. It could be that you just haven't developed that area sufficiently enough and can't fire the rhomboids as hard as you would like.

    2. Your form. It's bad.

    3. The weight. Too heavy.

    For barbell rows most guys do that sloppy heavy-up shit, and I personally think it's worthless. The whole point of a row is to build the rhomboids/mid-back/traps. If you are doing that sloppy row bullshit where you look like you are humping the bar what gets hit the hardest is the hamstrings and erectors and some upper trap.

    I think the pendlay row is probably better than the traditional barbell row for this reason. And it forces you to keep the weight lighter. Last time I checked there is no barbell row contest, so why people feel the need to load the weight up on that movement boggles my mind. Use a movement for what it is meant for.

    Try the pendlays and really squeeze everything together back there. Then after you get the "feel" switch back to the barbell rows and see if that doesn't help.

  5. " Back in 34 pants."

    Serious question - what kind of pants do you buy?
    I'm about 5"10, 190lb, @ ~12% and have trouble fitting into most 34" jeans/slacks. They are all too big in the waist, too tight in the ass/thighs. It's actually become such a problem buying pants that I haven't squatted since last winter.

  6. Either big cargo pants or I will go to Buckle and find some. Buckle has some pants I can get into. But they aren't cheap.

  7. so around 10-15reps for the Pendlay row? should the grip be very wide or is it ok with the same grip width as i use with the CG bench, approximately shoulder width?

    Thank you for your advice.


  8. Just play with whatever feels comfortable. I know a 900 pound deadlifter that doesn't use more than 135 on barbell rows for sets of 20. Remember the point of assistance work is to work particular muscle groups. Not work your ego through doing stupid shit.

  9. Hi Paul, any assistance exercises for improving the military press? I am weak in the initial start of the press. After the bar passes my nose, no prob locking out.

  10. Bring your grip in just a little bit and let me know if that doesn't fix it.