Monday, March 5, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training and stuff....

Movies - I've seen a few new movies the past few weekends.  Last weekend I ended up watching Killer Elite, which was about as "meh" as a "smart action" movie can get.  I don't remember there being a single moment of tension the entire movie.  But Statham movies, outside of The Bank Job, tend to be like that.  The rest of the movie I found incredibly predictable.

Puss N' Boots - This was god damn hilarious.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  I will probably end up watching this again because the girls loved it so much.  It lived up to every review and expectation.

Contagion - Decent flick, but I never felt like I could latch on to any of the characters in the movie.  None of them were on the screen long enough for me to identify with.  There were too many different characters and groups of characters for this movie to be able to settle in with.  So it felt choppy to me.  I kind of felt like I was watching a documentary.  There wasn't anything that grabbed me and when it was over I go "oh, that's interesting."

I have Money Ball still yet to watch and I hear good things, so I have my hopes up.

I'm not sure if any of you have those friends who can't find a single chic that doesn't have major issues, but I have two of them.  Well, just one now as the other one seems to have found a really nice girl.  But my one buddy, every date he goes on is some chic with major issues.  He met a girl for lunch this past week and they had gone out two previous times.  He said things had gone well the previous two dates and things were moving along.  At lunch however, he tells me that she spends 45 of the 60 minutes talking about two ex boyfriends.  A lunch he is paying for.  He asked me if I thought this was rude, and I said "well uh....fuck yeah. Especially if you had/have been romantic before (made out, sex, whatever).  He said they had.  So I said yeah, that's fucking rude.  You don't talk about ex's for extended periods around people you are on a date with.  Doesn't matter how formal the date is.  It's just fucking rude.  So he asks a few other friends, and they confirm and he tells her he thought it was rude and he'd appreciate it, if she not do it again.  To which he tells me, that she responds like a complete raging lunatic about rather than apologizing.  He asks me what to do, and I tell him "cut this thread right here".

Someone needs to write a book on dating etiquette.  However this is the kind of shit I hear from my single guy friends all the time.  It's like all common sense and manners have been lost.  If you're on a date with someone, and are trying to get to know them, it's probably a good idea to limit talking about ex's to a minimum.  Most guys and gals don't really want to know how you stack up or don't to their ex.  Good or bad.  People don't like being judged according to the standards set forth by someone else.  They like to be judged according to what they bring to the table alone, without initial judgement about what someone else did.

And besides, if you're an attractive chic and 28 years old and still single, well you've probably got some issues.

 If my hip flexor wasn't killing me, I'd say meet prep is going great.  My bench feels the strongest it EVER has.  I'm hitting 315x9 on incline after my heaviest bench sets, so that means I'm good for over 400 on incline after my benching (captain obvious here).  I have no idea why my pressing has decided to jump up, but I'm not questioning it.  My block pull program also seems to be paying off early.  600 last week from the blocks moved incredibly easy and I'm pretty confident in hitting what I need to hit over the next 6 weeks.

With all that said, I'm scaling my goals back just a little bit to be conservative.  I was thinking 660-470-700 for the meet but I'm going to pull it back down to 650-450-700.  That's 1800, and I'd rather go 1800 than 1700-something and just barely miss the 1800.  And I'm pretty positive that no one at 242 has a 1800 total beltless.  Yes I know, I don't get extra points for being beltless, I'm merely pointing that out.  I'm also not saying no one else could do it, though I'm not sure either.  Most guys don't realize just how much they get out of their belt until that thing comes off and they try to squat or pull heavy without it.

After this meet, I'm totally switching gears for a while.  I'll be using the RELOADED MASS program for at least the next 6 months with a diet I am working on.  My goal for a long time has been to get to 240 in super lean condition, so that's what I am after.  I'm talking 7% or so at 240.  If I can get there, which I think I can, I will just maintain that from here on out.  After that, I'm going to get in at least one more fight before I call it on that too.  I'm just getting too old for that kind of stuff.  And personally the older I get, the more I care about just maintaining a decent level of strength (600/425/650) all the time, and looking awesome, than anything else.  My guess is by the time I reach my mid 40's I'll dial down the bodyweight to 225 or so, and then less by 50's.  I don't want to be carrying around a ton of extra weight, even if it's muscle, in my 50's.  I want to live a long and healthy life.  Doing the things you need to do to stay that big (big for me) is difficult and unnecessary for that.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and is getting their ass kicked on this fine Monday morning......


  1. On topic of movies, check out Drive. Starts off slow, but it ramps up and is a pretty good flick that's available right now.

  2. Paul, can you provide any details on the RELOADED MASS program and the diet you will be using? -MC

    1. Details.......4x a week....short workouts....using the original big-15 cycling with a twist. pressing twice a week, pulling as much as three times a week. an arm day. focus on getting strong as fuck in higher rep ranges.....some rest/pause some strip set work.....

      Lots of fun stuff.

  3. This will be covered in the new book right? Thanks for everything. -MC

    1. A whole chapter for it.

      The book is already at 100 pages and I still have a lot to cover.

    2. Wow, cant wait Paul!

  4. Every little snippet of this book you drop on us makes it worse. You goddamn marketing genius!

  5. Bro, did you see "Act of Valor" yet?