Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Training - Tugs

Bodyweight - 240

4 inch block deads - worked up to 635 and called it a night.

Been crapping my bowels out all afternoon. Should have just waited till tomorrow but I'm dumb. Well, actually, I wanted to pull when I felt bad to see what I would be capable of. Sometimes you need to know these things.

I may not pull next week if I am still feeling like shit. This was the second -10% session in a row.

Not good.


  1. Paul, sounds like you're going through the wars at the moment in a few areas. As 60s as this may sound, sending a lot of love and peace your way man. Hope things turn around soon. Not that I could imagine you quitting, but glad you're still going at it hard. Sometimes lifting's the one constant I can count on in life. Uh, outside of my wife I should say, but she has her moments too ;)

    A question for you if I may. After 18 months of banging my head against the same weights and hating every minute of it, realised I was severely burned out and needed time off (quick learner huh). Cut out the weights completely for a month, but found that even moderate cardio (running/Muay Thai shadowboxing at 65-75% max heart rate) seemed to bring back the signs of OTS (elevated heart rate, nervous fatigue, night sweets, insomnia).

    Clearly need more rest - and as tough as that is for me, that's what I'm going to do. So for the past 2 weeks, it's just been walking and stretching. Body's feeling a lot stronger already.

    My questions - anything else I could be doing to speed up my recovery? And have you heard of recovery taking this long?

    Thanks man, and good luck with things again.


    1. Rob - My suggestion is to go to the doc and have them run your blood work to see if everything looks ok. From your hormone levels to Mononucleosis. I've never had to take more than 10 days off or so to get the hunger back.

  2. Don't sweat it, just sounds like you're being tested.