Monday, March 19, 2012

Training - Bench

Bodyweight - 239

Close Grips with pauses -
bar x 40
135 x 10

Blurgh.  Felt way off tonight.  405x3 should have been very doable but I just couldn't get everything feeling right.  Oh well.

Incline - 315x10  Fuck you 10 reps.

Db Curls/Db Skulls supersetted - 4 sets of 20 with 40's

Notes - Ok session.  I'm starting to feel a bit worn down.  Just a few more weeks to go.


  1. yeah, im starting to feel run down myself. this is my deload week...but im feeling hopeful for some PR's at the meet..over all this prep has went good for me. i hit 325x3 on bench my last heavy workout and a 460x2 for the deads...i cant even believe how much my lifts have improved since i started following your blog and taking your advise. i couldnt even bench 315x1 6 months ago and now im aiming for a 350bp and a rock, thanks.

  2. Question about elbow sleeves:
    a)How tight are they around your forearms and biceps?
    b)Do you notice any significant dropoff in power when not using them?
    I have the same pair of Inzer sleeves that I use for all pressing to prevent tendonitis, but I can't help but feel like they're turning into a crutch.

    Awesome work as always, I didn't comment but your darkside articles were easily the best, most refreshing and honest take I've ever read on supplementation.

    1. I just cinch em up and go.

      I don't worry about em being a crutch because I've benched more without em than with em.

  3. You mentioned some partying for St. Patrick's. Are you getting enough sleep besides?

  4. Hey man, was reading the "what constitutes strong" section and i want to ask you something. You say that 500 benchers are usually able to hit 315 for 20 reps or so. And if someone does that he's usually as big and strong as they come.
    Realisticaly, judgind by how much time it took me to hit 315, i doubt i will ever manage 400, let alone 500... so i was thinking, would it make more sense to just sit around 315-350 and just try to hit insane reps? I'm interested more in gaining mass if that matters.

    1. Use around 77% of 315 for reps. That's 245 or so. Whenever you can bust out 18-22 at that weight, move up to 275.

  5. Paul,
    Rigth now my bench and squat 1 Rm are around 230 lbs. Dont know if I am a good bencher our that really my squat sucks. I had long arms and legs, and short torso.
    My doubth is how much of a personal record should I aim in the end of 7 weeks of the 93% rule cycles for raw strength on squats and benchs that you posted a long time a go. For example, should I start the cycle whit my initial max or a projected max?
    If I start whit 230 lbs max., my 100% will be 93% of 230 and at the end of the cycle I must do 3 reps whit it.Ok. What should I do next? Ad 5 lbs to the bench and 10 lbs to the squats to be my new 100%, our should I, in the end of the cycle, instead of doing 3 reps do as much reps as possible that If I reach 4-6 reps I get stronger and had now a new max and use that max to start a new cycle?
    Thank' for your help and patience.

    1. I'd go 240/240 for your maxes. That means you'll hit 225 to finish up.

      You should be able to smoke 225 at the end. You don't have to train with a max to get a higher max.

    2. So, ad 10 lbs to my real 1rm squat and bench, and use 93% of that (225) as my 100% max to the cycle, going to amrp in the week 7? And even if I do 6 reps on the last week, keep ading 10 lbs until this faul (cant do 3 reps on final week), instead of recalculation the new real max to use 93% of that in the new cycle. OK?

    3. Once you plug the numbers in for the cycle you don't change anything.