Thursday, January 17, 2013

365 Q&A



  1. I cheated a bit, not really actually, and start the 365 just the date it was released. So I'm almost at my 50% week of the Strong 15. I just finished fase 3.

    Does 50% week mean that I have to keep the same routine as in fase 3 but just take 50% of the weights of my last week?

    By the way. I did some clean and press yesterday, just a single nothing fancy, and for some reason i broke a PR with 2,5 kilo's (about 6 pounds). Plus my chin ups went up with 4 reps extra! I used to do 6 reps. I'm serious, I barely focused on these excercises. I wonder what would happen with my main lifts. I'm fucking excited man!

    1. Oh you mean you didn't beat the shit out of yourself and you got stronger? No way!

      Just run 365 in order. No matter when you started it.

    2. Yeah, thanks I will, but I just don't understand what 50% deload means. Do I have to follow the same routine as in fase 3 but just use 50% of the weights(intensity)?

    3. Yes. Use 50% of your planned goals.