Saturday, January 19, 2013

Training - Bench

Bodyweight - high

Close Grip all reps paused -

Boy the reps really tanked starting about that 3rd set.

Curl Machine - 4x20

Notes - Didn't have much "umpf" for this session.  Just ran out of gas on the reps early.  No biggie.  Want to be able to eventually work to 6 sets of 8 with 315 on bench, all paused.


  1. Thought you might find this tidbit interesting Paul...

    To further back up your rowing philosophy, Lee Haney in this months issue of MD talks about how when he used to do barbell rows he would do them parallel to the floor, strict, and usually worked with 185lbs (even at this peak), occasionally going up to 225. He said that you don't need more than that to develop a solid back through rowing and that most guys are overshooting it big time when it comes to the weights used. He really emphasized staying parallel to the floor and not using an upright Yates style position. That includes DB rows.

  2. Hello Paul

    I’m just thinking out loud tell me if it sounds reasonable:
    I’m doing the big15 now and once I complete the 15/12 reps and 7-8/6 on the amap and 50% amap on a certain weight, that already some ~20 reps in two sets.
    So, why don’t I stay on the same weight for a while and push it for 5x8 via 5x6 and 5x7.

  3. Apparently, crossfitters are onto something:

    Also, your pic seems to be in that vid. Did mark think you're KK or are guys cooking something up?

  4. Hello Paul,
    I'll have a shitty period in the next 3-4 months, so my question is how do I pinpoint minimum amount of lifting for maintaining strength?

    1. Isn't that what the last 2 installments of the base training series outlined?

    2. Actually i asked you this question with those two articles in mind (they are awesome) !
      with my limited knowlegde, i figured, in these couple of months i'll focus on power and speed of my lifts while staying with the same weight
      my question was more on the side of how many reps/sets @ some percentage for maintaining

  5. Hi Paul, running 365 and it's going great so far. On bench day do you go for rep PR's on your AMRAP set or just get some work in??? My 3 singles went really fast, but came up a rep short of tying my rep pr. Should I be more focused in this phase on who the singles move?? Thanks


  6. KantoGymElite,

    that link is absolutely hilarious. Paul, you need to watch that. I think Mark definitely messed that one up.