Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fuck your forum

I don't often do the rant thing, however I feel like it's appropriate and timely right now.  There may be more profanity in this post than usual.  I also hope you're sitting down.  This is obviously not for my readers and fans who give me a tremendous amount of support.  In fact, I hope my "voice" speaks loudly for you if you have grown tired of the same shit.  

It's been quite the week for introspection, laughs, and shit that just makes you flat out say "what the fuck?"

I've said many times that the internet is both a blessing and curse, and the dichotomy of it all is that while it gives wise people a voice, it also gives fools a voice as well.  The simple minded, the dogmatic, and the proverbial chest thumping keyboard warriors who love to sit on message boards or forums and sling bytes of shit like Greg Maddux used to sling heat, they all get a "say".  Whether or not it has merit or bears truth is entirely inconsequential.

This paradox does not escape me.  I've been told my writing is both touchy-feely and "macho man" all in the same week.  Maybe I'm the touchy-feely Macho Man!

"Ooooohhhh yeahhhhhh,  what a beautiful butterfly."

Hey....make up your fucking mind.

Or how bout that I made up my mind long ago.  I've written hundreds and hundreds of articles, answer hundreds of questions a week, all free of charge, many times following up.  No matter how trivial or redundant.  I freely give.  I legit enjoy helping someone progress and achieve things they thought not possible.  In life, in lifting, any way that I can.

If you don't respect me as a man, lifter, or human being, that is your fault.  Not mine.  It's not my job nor requirement to meet your standards.  Nor is it your job, to meet mine.  There will be times when I do what  did a few weeks ago, and raise money for the Emilie Parker foundation, or talk about how I "feel" about shit.  There may be times when I voice my displeasure in the overly effeminate "males" of today.

I don't have to live my life, or my writing, in a vacuum.

If you need to find someone different to emulate or look up to, then by all means do so.  If you don't like my training principles or methodologies that's fine.  Find ones that work for you, and don't waste my time arguing about it.  If part of your day is spent on a message board whining about something I blogged about, well, sucks to be you.

From two of my closest friends this week about this shit............

There is a reason to stay off 99.99% internet forums. They are a waste of time, bandwidth, and energy that could be applied elsewhere. Generally just full of a intermingled mix of the lowest form of life. The internet keyboard warrior. Big fingers little everything else. - Phil Stevens

if you don't want to be criticized...say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. I stand by my statements last night about the twats of the world. - Jim Wendler

I write my thoughts on a blog about the life I've lived, my thoughts about training, being a father, husband, friend, and a man.  I put myself out there.  I don't hide behind a pseudonym giving no qualifications about my ability to speak on things.  Neither do the two guys quoted above.

I've said for a long time that I will probably never hold any world records in powerlifting.  Nor if I did, would I crow about what fucking king kong I was because of it, and develop a superiority complex due to it.  I would be proud of achieving such a goal, do a Borat styled "high five!" and say that my principles served me well.

It's because I care far more about what my kids, wife, and friends think of me in that context of their life, than that other shit.  The day I let weight on the bar define me as a man is the day I fucking lost.  Period.

You lift more weight than me.  That's awesome.  Do you want a medal or the chest to pin it on?

To me

There is always someone stronger than you.  Even if you're Ed Coan, someone out benched you, or out squatted you, or out deadlifted you, just at some other bodyweight more than likely.  Go watch the video where Efferding talks about setting the new 275 total.  He said after he told Coan that, Coan told him "what did (Scott) Weech do?"

See, it didn't matter to Coan what the weight class was.  Stronger, was just stronger.  Someone else was stronger.  And someone else always will be.

So if that's the basket you are putting all of your "life eggs" into, then you have LOST.  You can't win.  Not that you won't, but you CAN'T.

On the flip side, if you haven't done SHIT, i.e. competed, trained people, done seminars, put your time in, or even thrown up some videos (that are real, mind you), and you're on a board or forum talking shit about someone who does those things, what does it say about you?  It says that you're either a jealous asshole or incredibly insecure in your current situation, whatever that may be.  More than likely, you're just a dickwad "know it all" that wants to argue to make himself feel empowered somehow.  I mean seriously, I had a 170 pound asshat tell me that Poundstone curls "could not work for size" when they took my arms up 3/4" of an inch in about 6 weeks.  I don't need to expound on how idiotic it is, that I would be put into a position to even argue with this assbag.  Maybe I'm the idiot here for finding myself in such a position.  However I often feel the need to "educate" people on the how's and why's of the shit I do.  I have found that this often serves me no purpose other than to get drug down to their level of childish bantering/arguing, because they were never really looking for answers in the first place.

Maybe it's my fault.  Maybe I should stop that?  Because I know.  I know what it means to be that asshat on the other end of things.  Arguing for the sake of arguing.

This is not a behavior exclusive to lifting by any means.  A long time ago I posted on some football boards too, and the shit slinging in there can go on for days, weeks, or months as posters cherry pick stats and try to act like real life General Managers of professional sports teams.  Claiming that THEY have all the fucking answers.  Not that coach or general manager who has spent three quarters of his life sitting in a dark film room dissecting every minutiae of plays, players, and tendencies about the other team or how to run a professional sports franchise.

No, no, no you there, Mr. Armchair Quarterback/GM/Coach/Talent're the smart mother fucker here.  You're the one that has all the answers to having that golden draft where every pick is a hit, and every player is hall of fame bound before he puts on his baseball hat at the draft.  You've got that shit narrowed down better than anyone.  Even better than guys that have devoted every minute of their life to it.  You pick apart every failure they have made, talking about what idiots and dumbshits they are behind some name like "BILLS-PUT-BOOT-2-ASS" or something similarly clever.  Look at you, Mr. Football Genius, you.  Why the fuck are you working down at the Exxon station with all that golden and exquisite football knowledge?

Truth is, I was that guy at one point as well.  Oh and then I grew the fuck up and realized what a waste of time it was to argue trying to change the mind of someone that was every bit as stubborn as I was in their stance.

People will go to the ends of the Earth to "win" arguments that cannot be won.  I mean, for the love of God, I had a guy make a video using fake weights to "prove me wrong" about barbell rows.  He easily could have written, "well, I disagree and here is why..." and generated some intelligent discussion.  However lots of people often aren't out to obtain wisdom or generate intelligent discussion.  They are usually out to find enablers to let them know how right they are, and tell you how wrong you are because it runs counter to what they like.  And they will do ANYTHING and argue ANYTHING to PROOOVE they are right.  Even when something cannot be proven, and the party they are arguing with has zero intentions of changing their mind.

When I told this cock biter that made the video with fake weights that I'd buy the dinner of his choice if he could out total me at the Nationals he side stepped it like a bitch.  So did another blow hard that showed up to talk shit this past week.  You know why?  Because it's easier sit back and stroke your shaft about how you're the cock of the walk, but then when it comes down to the nut cutting not everyone likes to deal with reality.  Let me add, I'm hardly saying I'm the cock of the walk either.  But granted that I'm healthy, and can afford it, I will travel and compete once or twice a year.  I coach guys each year, I write articles, I put up videos, I compete.  I DO.  I don't brag about shit behind a fake fucking name.  Even if my accomplishments aren't worth the cost of stamp that you wouldn't write home about, they still exist.  They are tangible.

There are a shit ton of guys that I respect in the strength field, that I have some lift I can best them in.  Does that mean anything?  Not a god damn thing.  I want to learn from those guys, just like there are guys stronger than I am, that have learned from me.

One of the best traits about Eric Lilliebridge is that even though he's going to go down as one of the greatest powerlifters ever, he still asks me my opinion about shit, and is open to hearing it.  Even at times when he doesn't ask and I offer, he's receptive.  That's why guys like that get better.  Because even though they have all the tools, they don't close off the most important thing you can use in your training.

Your brain.

Fucking enablers - 

A while back someone was pissed that I used Coan and Karwoski as examples of guys that got super fucking strong using some basic periodization.

"You can't use those guys as examples!  Genetics!"

"Oh I'm only supposed to use weak people to support my belief in training methodologies?"

I've never understood this.

One particular argument that used to always make me laugh was when I talked about the simpleness of this kind of training, and the people who hated it would respond with "well guys that are super freaks can train that way, but normal guys can't train like that and progress.  They have to do other shit."

This left me dumbfounded time and time again.

So how is it, that the genetic monsters always ended up training that same way over and over again for the most part?  If all the great ones had just known about your "everyday man training" or methods using all sorts of complicated scheming to get strong, they would have been even better?

The entire argument behind this, is that the weak of mind and body often do not want to recognize it.  They believe that there is SOMETHING they could do, that would make them elite, and do so very quickly.  This is why it can't be simple.  It can't be!  If it were simple, then it would require me to look in the mirror and say, "there is no magical training solution.  It's"

But that's too fucking hard, isn't it?  It's just too fucking hard to say the shortcoming is with the man in the mirror.  No, no, no it has to be that I just haven't found that perfect god damn scientifically backed training method that will make me the bastard child of The Hulk and Thor by next week.

Let me let you in on a little secret.  Lots of guys DON'T do the main lifts, with straight weight, because it exposes them as weak fucks.  Yes.  Fact.  You know why a guy adds bands, and chains, or does EVERYTHING BUT BENCH, SQUAT, PULL, AND OVERHEAD with straight weight?  Because those things are easily measured.  You know that a 500 bench is good.  That a 700 squat and pull are good.  But if I can't do those, I'll just say I have eleventy billion pounds of band tension.......with 225 on the bar.  Because that's eleventy billion 225 pounds.  Which is a world record in every way possible.......except that I can't do 4 bills in straight weight.

"That's bullshit.  I train with accommodating resistance because I am weaker at the blah blah blah point in the ROM blah blah blah" vomit vomit puke puke.

No one EVER got weaker, by getting stronger with straight weight.  I know, that statement is just retarded crazy, but no one ever got getting stronger on basic shit.  I know lots of guys that got weaker on basic shit by getting too fancy though.  Oh yes, I do.

I'll give you an example of said bullshit.

I had a guy I was helping with training for a while that had been stuck in a rut something awful.  He fought against everything I told him to do, of course.  Totally wasted my time on everything I suggested to him.  He told me "I hate going into the gym and JUST squatting every week."

Again, I was dumbfounded.

"What the fuck is it you want to do then?"

"Well, I want to box squat one week, and then do some chains or bands the week after that, and then maybe some SSB squats."

"Which of those are you doing at your meet?"


That's right.  Nothing.  He just didn't want to do the very thing that was going to help him the most.  Just go into the gym and squat, squat, and squat.  There had to be something outside of that "hard work" shit that was going to make his squat soar, get his house paid off early, and put hot chics on his crotch.

Of course he bombed at his meet, and I stopped helping him because he thought he knew better.  People always do.

A few years later, he e-mailed me and said his training had taken off.  That for the first time in years he was progressing again.

"I stopped fucking up, and I ended up doing all the things that you had been telling me to do.  All the things I didn't want to do, and found every reason not to do them.  But that's what I needed.  I'm sorry I was a stubborn asshole."  

So you see, what people REALLY want to do is say "I think that singles will make me strongest!  They have to! Because that's what I want to do!  Now tell me that's the truth no matter what!!!"

When you don't, they get pissed off, and find every reason to tell you that you are an asshole or an idiot, during which time they have gone on a fact finding mission that proves their stance is right all along.

If it was right all along and you knew this, why the fuck were you arguing in the first place?  Why weren't you just in the gym kicking ass with it?  Hmmmmm..........

This is pretty much the attitude I find over and over again from guys who live to argue.  They just want to be told that what they WANT to do, is the right thing to do.  Not that they should be doing is THE RIGHT THING, and that those can be very different things.

One of the things I eventually figured out about all of these genetic mutants, was that one of the factors that played a part in them getting to where they were, was that they had better instincts than most as well.  Instead of skirting around the issues, they welcomed the hard work, the progression, the journey, and the ability to grasp what had merit and what did not, very easily.  They didn't spend time on message boards arguing about why shit would, or would not work or the merits of it.  They DID shit in the gym.  Part of what led their training down certain paths, was that they actually had to figure shit out, and put in the work.  That meant sticking with something for a while, and not belaboring on and on about it with other fruitcakes that lifted half the weight but argued four times as much, trying to figure out if it worked or not.

No, they actually did the shit.  They did the shit.  They did.....the shit.  They did it.  The shit.

I loved seeing people talk about all the ways the 100 rep stuff wouldn't work and had no merit, blah blah blah then watching story after story roll in where guys elbow pain disappeared and their biceps blew up, or how the front raises made their shoulder pain disappear.

Was awesome.

These were the guys who just saw an idea, and thought "fuck it, let's try it." and rolled with it.  They didn't need to have 69.8% of some forum agree that it's worthwhile.  They just gave it a shot, and then were able to give an educated opinion about it, and benefit from it.

When I got off of forums for the most part (though not all together, which is what this article stems from) many years ago, and tuned out the bullshit, my training ideas grew because I wasn't handicapped by allowing my ideas to be shit on by other people who live for nothing more than to tear you down.

The internet is a great tool and yet the biggest bane of the sport. The forums are places where key board tough guys rip apart the greatest lifters in the sport without having any idea what it is like to be on the other side of their comments. -- Matt Kroc

If you want to grow in training knowledge and as a man, stop being part of the "participation generation" and just go do work.  Develop a training methodology that resonates with you, gets you better, doesn't let you avoid the hard work, and keeps you on course.  I don't care if it's my program, or 5/3/1, or Joe Bob's hand me down bench, squat, and dead routine.  But keep an open mind, don't be dogmatic, and don't be a chest thumping blowhard regardless of your accomplishments.  There is always someone who did more, or who will do more, who may have because they were far more flexible in their thinking.

How many message boards do you think that Coan, Karwoski, Kaz, Zakk Wydle, Adrian Peterson, Ray Lewis, Michael Jordan, Georges St. Pierre, Neil Peart, etc go to, to make sure what they are doing is met with acceptance?

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, my thoughts, my training methodologies, politics (I have those?  I think I do, I just rarely talk about them), taste in music, art, TV, or women.  My point of being "here", writing (which is something I love more than lifting) on this blog, and helping people is because after more than two decades I really enjoy helping guys out.  I find it funny how words can resonate with people in such different ways.  The same fat kid that latched onto my philosophies that loses 100 pounds and finds a new way in life is forever grateful.  Some other guy can read the same piece and go "that Paul Carter is a douchebag."


You'd also be surprised at how many guys write that kind of shit that also claim to be your "friend".  I know who my friends are.  They don't talk shit about me because anyone who is a friend of mine I treat with respect, dignity, honor, and love and you can ask any of them that.

If your life isn't a reflection of what you want it to look like, tearing people down won't get you where you want to be any faster.  I've never seen negativity breed and multiply anything except dysfunction,  hate, jealousy, rage, ineptness, and strife.  If that's what you want to surround yourself with, don't expect a lot of success in any endeavor you plan to engage in.

To quote John Mcclane.... if you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem.

Stop being part of the keyboard tough key crew.  Start being part of the solution.  I'm not from the government, but I am here to help.  If that makes me a douchebag, then douse me down with vinegar.

Let me add that the irony in all of this, is that this post will be linked on some forum where the butthurt over it will be tremendous.


  1. Neal Peart OBVIOUSLY only worked singles AND had a profile on IGX...!!

    All jokes aside spot on. Keep dropping truth bombs..

    1. Pretty cool that the former bass player for Zakk and Crowbar is on my friends list eh? I need to jam with that guy.

    2. Dude I was blown away, His name sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. Off subject but Caggiano left Anthrax- Who do you think they should get?

  2. I, for one, am glad that you share your lifting practices and personal thoughts on your blog! It takes the redundancy away from the typical ego based exercise forums! I lift with two brothers and good friends of mine, and we changed our entire heavy lifting, low rep workout plan due to one of your posts, and I could not be more thankful for it. Since we have started doing a less weight (but still heavy) more reps workout, we have all seen significant gains in strength!
    So fuck all the people who can't be open minded and grounded enough to realize that they don't know everything, and what may have helped them achieve some short sighted goal might not work for everyone else! Keep on doing what you're doing and keep writing about it, please! Because I can promise you, there are a hell of a lot more people who appreciate what you're doing than these egotistical, never going to be happy, dick-less bastards who have nothing better to do than talk shit to make themselves feel better!
    You are doing a hell of a job, keep it up Bro!

  3. Thank you for everything you do, Paul. Integrity is a lost virtue in our society today, and although it's depressing at the number of "mangina's" out there, it's refreshing to see someone stay true to his values.

    Respect, brother.

  4. Great stuff Paul. For what it's worth everything you write has helped me to appreciate lifting for what it really is, a way of improving yourself. The only way the weight on the bar has bearing in my training now is because of how much I had to learn to add those 100 pounds to my deadlift over the last however long. Everyday training has a new lesson to teach us about ourselves and if more people looked at it like that rather than an exercise in ego then the message boards may be a better place.

    Many thanks for the perspective you bring

  5. Wow. Another great post. Touchy-feely-macho man haha...we need more of those. There is a lot of wisdom in these few thousand words. And Phil Stevens sounds like the balls - which as we all know is the best part of the penile unit (...and Wendler? Well since his writing and 5/3/1 changed my life - even after 23 years of training...well, he is without peer. You are in this category Paul.)

    Crom I sound like a fanboy.

    As long as you keep writing, I'll be reading. You've raised my consciousness on numerous related and non-training related. Got a few more cycles of 5/3/1 to run (meeting goals) and then going to program 8 months or so of SLL.



    1. I don't think I have any "fan boys" here. Only like minded individuals.

  6. I'm sure you didn't write the post so we could "enable" you But your perspective is very much appreciated

  7. 100% spot on Paul. I've gotten to a point in my life as well that negative people and drama filled bullshit just ain't even on my radar. I just don't give a fuck anymore, not enough 'give a shit' to even deal with it. Keep doing what you're doing.

    -BTW, Big 15 completely changed my training and I have been making gains like crazy at 37 and after 22 years of lifting. I'm in the best shape of my life. I have a buddy who fucks around with kettlebells and bands and exersize balls and other goofy shit and constantly complains about how bad his lifts are.... but won't listen to me when I tell him to leave that shit alone and bench, sqaut and dead. And he still puts his feet on the edge of the bench when he benches. Some people....

  8. You don't hear from me much, i have however been following this blog for some time. We work in an industry that promotes all the bells and whistles. Fancy equipment, supplements and other such things. Every one wants to make training either as complicated as possible or as stupidly crazy as possible.

    they have lost track of the fact that it takes hard work, sweat and motivation to get whatever your goal is. Not 8 mins on the latest AB machine.

    Your Blog is Brilliant, your views are very much in line with how i have trained my clients for years. Well done on having the guts to stand by your methods. you put out quality information and products and i have learnt plenty that myself and my clients are benefitting from.


  9. Thanks for this. I tell guys with skinny jeans they dads ran away from home because of these posts. Keep up the good fight.

  10. Paul, your blogs are fucking awesome! Couldn't agree more, with lifting or life, someone always finds a need to cut you down to their level so they can feel high and mighty for 3 minutes. If only those key slamming morons realized how rewarding hard work is, in any facet of the term HARD WORK, and earning and taking whats yours to be had. Basics work, why? Because its literally that fucking simple! Awesome blog man. I've began basing my training on an idea/experiment of yours I read on the LRB facebook page, needless to say I'm training better and better as the days go by. Can't wait to see what happens in the next 4-6 weeks.

  11. I appreciate the simplicity of your ideas, and the focus on the root goal: get stronger.

    Rockin' the Poundstone Curls, regardless of the looks I get in the gym...'cause their 1/3 depth calf raises are weak.

  12. As always, Very Well said Paul.

    There are learners..and there are retards. Learners are the open minded kind of people who have flushed their ego like it was a turd!They are open to suggestions (receptive) and are always aiming to better THEMSELVES (just themselves). Eric, as you said is one example of this learner...and the other braggado-argument-happy-all-knower guys you mentioned fall in the other merited category of retards!

    As always, keep writing what you think you should. We like it when you do that. The folks who like you and respect you will understand you (or make an attempt)...AND the other kind of guys who want to counter-argue on every point you make..well..just give a damn to what they think. It doesn't matter.


  13. Wendler's right, no matter what you do somebody will hate you for it. Shit, all that money you raised recently probably got some asshole annoyed because "wtf is this? this is a lifting blog!".

    Like that guy you mentioned on the podcast emailing you telling you and Jamie what to talk about on your own fucking podcast. Unbelievable how some idiot managed to get worked up by getting something for free. Do your own damn podcast if you don't like this one...

    Ironically i actually got linked to your blog through Jamie's blog, and got to his blog from a link on a forum where some guy was saying how terrible Jamie's training was and how it would never work, haha. And now Jamie holds some records. Go figure.

    Keep doing what you're doing, Paul. There's by far more people reading this who appreciate your time and effort than there are haters.

  14. i´m glad to have found your blog, paul. Inspires me to change up my mind and my life, since i got such a pussy over the last years and months. And in every article there are sentences, which remind me of that and i tell myself "fuck it, go change something!"

    1. I feel you man. I get trapt in cycles of "im a pussy, i will always be a pussy, destined to be a pussy..." Then I watch the first 30 minutes of Full Metal Jacket and lift, run, or bang my girl. all positive things...changing for the better. My pop likes to say "If it were easy everybody'd be doin it"
      ... but its not, and if assholes could fly this place would be a damn airport..

    2. You´re right man!

      I like especially all the articles about "men" today and advices concerning life/how to deal with different situations. Too many guys are acting like pussies, getting demotivated when things don´t work how they should, when other guys are "better" than them, when they don´t have success in lifting or with girls, aren´t self-confident...the list goes on

  15. One hell of a post, much have taken ages to write :-)The Internet certainly does breed a hideous shower of cretins. Despite being an argumentative fucker myself, I don't bother getting into online arguments as they are the epitome of pointless and time wasting exercises. The keyboard warriors can think they 'win' their argument (even though no one ever actually wins) while I'll continue getting the benefit of sites such as this one that provide genuine value.

    Even if one doesn't followe your trraining programs, they will get plenty out of your philosophies as I have done. Lost 25 pounds in just over 4 months now as I stopped riding two asses and focused on improving my gas tank and dropping the blubber and I am doing your Strong-15 program now using sensible calculations! (3 weeks in)

    Just keep doing what you're doing and I don't think your accomplishments are too small to fit on a stamp!

  16. Hey Paul,

    Let me say first up that I understand you are not looking for affirmation of your work or a general pat on the back so here goes. If its any consolation I read an article from Martin Berkhan of Leangains fame and he seems to be experiencing pretty much the same shit, yet another person putting themselves out there with good info. If you going to put yourself out there expect the worst I guess.

    I'll be 40 this year and I started training 3yrs ago and really dicked around. Mostly because I had no clue and didn't know where to look. So I skipped the starting strength mantra that I frequently read and hit 531 for 1.5yrs. I train on my own.

    The more I read the more it has become clear that barbell training is paramount, eating is absolutely necessary (even if I dont like it) and running your arse off is as much about aerobic fitness as it is about mental fortitude to push you through a tough squat, press, DL, etc session. I'm still learning, basically I dont know shit and the old blokes new what they were on about.

    Yourself and Jim Wendler have inspired me to do more with my training and to educate myself. So even with my puny-ness thank you! This year I decided to change to 365 and after reading, and I am still reading it, I happy I did. I also promised myself that not matter how I feel or what I notice regarding my body recomp that I will NOT test 1rm this year, I will do my very best to work my arse off. Thanks again Paul, apologies for the mini novel, and keep writing!


  17. That Paul Carter is a douchebag!

  18. Wow. Good stuff. I know nothing about power lifting, compared to "lifters" I am as weak as shit but train, and train athletes. Love the "They did the shit. They did it. The shit." Try it out, do the work, then we'll talk. Great stuff. Thanks!

  19. "No one EVER got weaker, by getting stronger with straight weight."
    f-ing priceless

  20. One thing you notice is that Lilliebridge, Green, Lilly, etc. all the really strong guys who DO comment online, never say a bad word about anybody.

    1. Someone actually read what I wrote. Thank you, mrbigmuscles.

      You see, the people on the forums are already posting "oh he mad" and shit that my article had NOTHING to do with.

      "He can go fuck himself" hahahahah. Thanks dipshit, for proving my point.

      It's AMAZING. They simply did everything I said they would do, in the article. It's like having circus pets. Nicely done guys. Puppets.

  21. I am long time reader, commenting occasionally. A couple of quick thoughts.

    1. A blog is an online journal. There are maybe 2 or 3 times you wrote something I disagreed with (never about lifting though). However, I would NEVER criticize you or argue with you about it. IT'S YOUR BLOG. You can write whatever the fuck you want.

    2. I am not on one of your "programs" but I do follow your "philosophy". And the shit works. SLDL is fucking awesome for gaining size and weight. Regular DL, don't think so. One of many, many examples.

  22. 1) why can't everyone live by the bruce lee maxim "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."? 2) mental health on message boards is in short supply. 3) that old saying about how when you fight with a pig you both get dirty but the pig enjoys it.

  23. Just came across your blog after listening to your guest appearance on the podcast. Great stuff!

    A contributing factor to the popularity of the forums is their placement within online search engine results. As a newbie to powerlifting, I'm constantly using search engines to research the questions I have. Without fail, most search engines will generate results from forums alongside the articles of actual experts. But just because Google put one of Wendler's T-Nation articles next to a forum thread, doesn't mean they are of equal value. It took me a while to figure out who to follow and who to forget.

    I've now stopped going to forums. I'm following 5/3/1 with "Boring But Big" assistance work and going on a "forum/wiki/guru fast" for 2013.

  24. Well said, sir. I hope all the replies will restore your faith in (at least some of), the Internet community. I know that I (along with many others), appreciate the work and time you put in to helping others. Guys like yourself, Jim W, Brooks Kubik, and many others put in countless hours of work - as you pointed out - FOR FREE. Sure...all you guys have a product to sell but that doesn't stop you from giving away tons of insanely useful information at no cost. Keep up the great work and let the naysayers, haters, and shit talkers fester in the slime that is their miserable lives.

  25. I'm not a big lifter yet (and have never pretended to be), but I'm getting there, and your advice and information (from the blog and from SLL) has helped a lot with this already.

    Just posting to say that you're one of the VERY few people I read or listen to, when it comes to getting stronger. You don't bullshit, your attitude is awesome, and you actually walk the talk. Sadly this is uncommon, online.

    So thanks for being a voice of reason, and for helping others like you do.

  26. I'll say not all forums are bad, but ones that have a lot of people seem to have the folks you talk about in spades. Even then, you have to develop a healthy BS meter. I happen to use what I think is a really good forum. It's not too big, and you have quite the range of strong guys competing in the range of strength sports: power lifting, weightlifting, strong man.

    Most of the guys I follow on there are a couple years down the road from where I am, and they introduced me to guys like Wendler, you, and a few other really strong guys that have decades of experience. I don't want to say what it is unless we get a bunch of douches to ruin the whole thing... besides advertising on someone else's blog is just bad taste.

    I still have a lot to learn, and I'm in for the haul.

  27. hey paul, in the interest of giving you positive feedback i should mention i put 30lb on my squat (300-->330) and 40lbs on my DL (385-->425) in 8 weeks using your raw bench routine (

    YES that routine for bench but my squat and deadlift were too stupid to know i was using the wrong routine. Broke me out of a long stall, too.

    1. Awesome!!! I keep being told that my principles don't work, but I get all these "I hit PR's" emails every week. Something must be wrong.

      hahahaha I think it's great you took a bench scheme and put it to the squat and pull and got PR's out of it. Great work.


    Interesting article about former Steeler Mike Webster that echoes a lot of your philosophies

    1. Obviously Mike Webster was an idiot. /sarcasm

      And it reads EXACTLY like what I write. So strange.....


      This article was also interesting. I like the part where he was mad at a guy that wanted him to hand him his dumbbells.

    3. Actually this hit home with me the most.......

      "“That’s also why some of the great powerlifters are much older than other athletes. When you see them in their twenties and thirties, there are some guys who managed to put up big weights, close to a record real fast, but when they couldn’t progress for a while, they changed their training to something else or just figured that was the best they were going to get and stopped trying to break a record. They might have had tons of potential, but figured they were past their prime and moved on. Some of the best guys weren’t even very big or strong in their twenties and thirties, so they kept pushing at it and were just the sort who wouldn’t quit, stubborn even if not gifted, and they broke a record while the guy who out-lifted them two decades ago is now cycling around or doing aerobics with Richard Simmons, just trying to avoid dying of a heart attack, and he’s going to go when it’s time for him to go anyway. If he kept lifting weights, at any level, he’d be at least fairly strong instead of atrophied and paunchy."

      YES!!!!! This part is so true.

  29. Good stuff. I like it when you rant.

  30. Awesome post Paul. Keep up the good work there are those of us out here appreciate it. I thought you might like this as well.

    "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."
    Theodore Roosevelt

    1. Teddy was the fucking man. I will probably post that later. Thanks!

  31. Who is this Paul Carter guy? LOL Very raw but insiteful read bro. Thank you for sharing that.

  32. Nice rant. Why write it now, though? It's not like dumb cunts on the internet are a new thing. I'd love to see the straw that broke the camel's back that caused the rant.

    1. There really wasn't one. It was mostly spurned by conversations between Wendler, Phil, and myself.

  33. Yeah, I get that a lot, so much so that I don't talk about training amongst others; it's like talking about religion, it always leads to an argument.

    Someone asks me hows training. I say "yeah it was great, I hit XYZ kgs; a new PR in the bench!". And the response is always sure to be, "Is that it? Mr. O can bench double that", or "My cousin, he's huge, he lifts more than that", or "Really? I knew a guy, who once met a guy, who once benched 1000kgs!"

    Always some negative sheet. And I don't understand why? Is it a game of 1-upmanship? Is it supposed to put me down? Is it supposed to impress me?

    Guess what? 7 Billion people on this planet, I would be more surprised if there WASN'T someone bigger and stronger than me!