Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another great write in.....

Really liked this one because I dealt with the elbow problems for so long.  So I know miserable it can be.

Mr. Carter-

Whether or not you read this, doesn’t matter, but I felt it appropriate to give you thanks for your writings in the LRB series. I don’t care who you are, it’s nice to feel appreciated for your work.

Dealing with a severe case of elbow tendonitis for a few months, I was on the verge of taking some extended time off from weight training to let it heal. OP, benching, & back squats routinely irritated the problem, and the typical meathead response of just lifting through the pain was just compounding the issue. The PT exercises, icing, stretching, & wrapping that I read about did nothing but dull the pain until my next session.

I stumbled onto your website a few months ago, and a quick site search led me to a warm up routine & the 100 rep strategy for alleviating the problem. Though skeptical of the results, I was willing to try anything at this point. Combining this with the lighter loads of the acclimation phase of the Strong-15, I’ve accomplished in 3 weeks what I hadn’t been able to accomplish in the previous 6 months, lift nearly pain free (I’m actually amazed it’s worked as well as it has).

So a big thanks for the ‘free’ information. I’m not sure what that advice is worth in $ amount, but considering it saved me from a possible trip to the doctor, a series of potential PT appointments, & extended time off from the gym; I’d say it’s worth a pretty penny to me. So thanks again for sharing your knowledge, it’s greatly appreciated and continually followed.

Court Grady

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  1. I can almost say the same thing. I couldn't carry the groceries in anymore without pain. My grip for squats got so wide I couldn't go any wider and I was robbing strength from my squat because of my lack of tightness.

    I started the pound stone curls and 3 weeks in I was noticing improvement. I ended up with a disc problem and was forced into time off. I came back to my lifting with 100% pain free elbows and no pain coming back. I don't even use the inzer elbow sleeves anymore.