Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jim echoes my thoughts on weak point training

Something I've harped on for a while.  Jim reiterates that point here.

Weak Point Training BS

There is really no such thing as "weak point" training.  Just commonalities with people when you combine loss of leverage/fatigue in a lift.

The point?

Get stronger.

Now I will wait on someone to point to my mention of needing to focus on rows and shrugs more, to help my deadlift.  However that was more about neglecting those basics, than weak point training.

Again, if you refer back to the "What Constitutes Strong" post, you will realize that it's still about getting stronger all over.  However you don't need a bunch of fancy bars, equipment, chains, bands, and shit like that to do so.

For those of us that lose our way sometimes (and that happens to us all)...

Squat - You need to squat.  You can also do pause squats and throw in some front squats.

Deadlift - From the floor, off of blocks, and stiff legs.

Bench Press - Including Db versions and incline.

Standing Press - With a bar or dumbells

Rows - Any kind

Chins - Any kind

Dips - Bodyweight or weighted

Curls - Because biceps are more important than you think, even if you hate em (ok so that's MY own personal philosophy)

Those are the basics and the very simple truth is, you don't really have "weak points" you just need to make sure your technique is good, and that you get STRONGER.

Weak point training is hocus pocus.  A guy that finds himself bending over too much when he hits a max squat just needs to get stronger.  Guess what will happen when he breaks past that PR, then gets to a new max weight?  Yeah, he'll bend the fuck over just like he did the first time.  Guess where I fail when I fail on a bench attempt?  Yeah, in the same spot every time.  About midway up.  This isn't a calling for weak point training, it's just a calling to get stronger or get bigger, or both.

Big15 and Strong15 programs -

5-4-3-2-1 back off (Big15 and Strong15 is what I'm going to call it) is in the works.  I am working on the spreadsheet with programs designed about splits I have used, how I used em, how you can use em to get bigger and stronger.  One is going to be centered around pure mass building (Big15) and one around getting stronger for a meet (Strong15).

They work.  Period.  This isn't some program that I conjured up, this is the philosophies I have settled on through 21 years of doing this shit.  I'm no elite level guy but the strength levels I have built have taken time, and intelligence.  And I think that applies more to the everyday lifter than a guy that came out of the womb deadlifting 500.

I hope to have them out with the next week and a half.

What I want to get a feel on is, would you guys prefer an e-book with a bunch of my articles from here, or just the programs?  If you want the articles included it will be a little longer.  But I have no problem putting in the work to get it done.


  1. Id love to see an ebook.

    You write very well, and I think some well chosen articles along with the programs would take it to the next level. Making it more a training philosphy than simply a training program.

    Thanks for all the effort you put in and the knowledge you pass on.

  2. Paul,

    Gotta say that this is easily the best website on the net. Practical fitness tips just aren't our there. I tell everyone I know who is into lifting to read every post on this site and then think about what they are doing.

    As far as an ebook or just the program, I would prefer just the program. Thanks for all that you do!


  3. Just the program, could make it a mini ebook/pdf file that's like 5 pages per program. Can always expand on it if you keep getting the same questions asked. One thing that bothers me about 5/3/1 is how simple it is yet how many stupid questions people manage to come up with on it. I'd hate to see the amount of questions a more complex program would get.

  4. Paul,
    Just the program, let the schmucks find your articles on your blog. Maybe have a separate e-book that you feel sums up your training philosophy. I know it's been said already, but your writing is really some of the best stuff on the 'net.
    I've been following your template for about a week now, I'll give an update after several weeks of solid training.

  5. I'd say just the program spreadsheet would be preferable, but I'm just stoked to start the program.


  6. Would love to see the Big15 and Strong15 stuff ASAP regardless. If you were to make an e-book of any kind I would definitely through my change towards it, but your nuggets of widom would keep coming after it was published(I hope) so it would never be complete. But as stated, I'm wanting to start the 5/4/3/2/1 stuff too.

  7. Paul:

    Just the programs, we already have the blog for the articles. Looking forward to it.


  8. Paul,
    What if you created two options - one just an e-book or file of the program; the other a longer, more detailed e-book with articles, your thoughts, etc. Your writing style is excellent and is part of the motivational process for a lot of people.
    Heck, even charge a little for that e-book. I'd pay for it.

  9. This seems like a good option Josh.

  10. i'd pay for it too....

  11. Hi Paul,
    Being impatient, I'd love to see the prgrams ASAP. I have most of the articles saved and not sure how many people would pay for articles which are already on the web (that said I know WS Book of Methods and one of Dan Johns books are basically that). I think to do an ebook justice you would want to take your time and make the articles flow and add bits etc.

    I think releasing the programs for a small charge or even free could be a good way of laying the foundation to get even more people interested (along with interviews and articles on other sites client testimonials etc) and then you could release an ebook elaborating on the program - different assistance options, adaptations for different levels of training, different goals, conditioning, diet etc and you could possibly include articles as a bonus or something. I also think it would be a great way of growing your online training business if that interests you (can you imagine how many clients Jim Wendler would have if he offered this).

    So basically, I think whet our appetites and then hit us with a full blown ebook which you have had time to work on and you can make some money selling.

    Just an idea and looking forward to it whatever route you choose.


  12. You provide a lot of stuff here for free - anyone that's read your articles can work it out from here.
    You've given me an outline of the 5/4/3/2/1 - I can work a lot of it out without being spoon fed.

    The 5/3/1 routine has spawned a million questions and about 2,000 threads on the interweb.

    Two things occur to me - your stuff will be questioned endlessly if people pay for it.

    You give so much freely it would probably be nice to get a little back to justify the time.

    I'd pay - I bought 5/3/1


  13. Well I'm not a greedy guy.

    This is my plan.

    I'm working on the routines, which there are a lot of. All of which I have used with success. So these are tried and proven programs.

    I am including two programs that has spread sheets for programming. One for pure mass gain, and the other for meet peaking and/or just getting stronger on the big 3. Again, these are based around proven practices. Not guess work.

    More than like I'm going to charge something minimal for all of it. Like $10. I'm not here to get rich. I like to train, I like to talk about training and help people out and avoid problems I have experienced.

    The only thing I'd like to do is get my t-shirts up and this would help with that. I really just want the shirts because I think a shirt that reads "Lift-Run-Bang" will get a lot of interesting questions.

    Thanks for all the input guys.

  14. Get it done then !

    What do you do for a living by the way ?


  15. I'm a computer engineer. :)

    No shit.

  16. Paul: It's the right thing to do for you to charge something, and it's the right thing to do for us to pay it. If I value something, like your blog, I will want to preserve it, if I have the ability to do so.

    I commented before about good mornings improving my squat. I haven't done them for years because now that I DL conventional style(used to sumo), the DL's give me all the hip and hammie strength I need. Plus they made me stronger at rows and shrugs. If I had done conv. DL's from the beginning, I probably would have never felt the need to do Good mornings.

  17. Have you already started designing your t-shirts? Maybe you could have a t-shirt design competition and the winner gets a free shirt and an e-book ;)



  18. I'll read whatever you put out. Great site.


  19. Paul,

    I agree with what your thinking to should charge. Hell, I just paid $30 for the Juggernaut Method ebook and it is pretty basic.

    $10-$30, I would pay a lot more because of how much you give for free on this site.


  20. late post for what it's worth, as you appear to have settled on what you're going to but but, i'd suggest you push on with the basic templates - which you should charge for, even a nominal amount.

    at some point in the future you could perhaps also amalagamate and edit a compilation of your blog articles, and other stuff, into a sort of "body of work" ebook like ironaddict did? again, charge what you feel comfortable with for it as the info provided would be worth paying for.

    in the meantime please keep up the good work keeping it real here at your blog!


  21. Paul,

    Out of curiosity, what is your time frame for having these programs out?

  22. Anthony - I am hoping by next Monday.

  23. Paul,

    I'm not sure what you "should" do.

    I think if you write a E-book, about what you have learned in 20+ years of lifting, with a sort of compilation of your articles, philosopies. A big part of it about the "ultimate Beastdom/what constitutes strong" series.

    This is what so many people need, and you tell thing I wish I was told a few years back when I started lifting. There is so much bullshit around, it's good to know that a few good men have figured this shit out, have paid for it with blood sweat and tears, and are willing to give so much info out for free..

    The programs would be nice, I think people would have much more benefit with a nice set of principles, and just figure this shit out on there own, than giving them a cookie-cutter routine.

    However, I think you should charge at least some money for it. This is great shit, and if there are companies out there that give out bullshit training advice, and make lots of money of it, why can't you make a few bucks by sending out the truth?

    However, I wonder if people will actually pay for it, if they can get all the information they want for free on this blog..

    Nonetheless, I think your information, just like Wendler's articles and books, IronAddicts books and articles, should be available to anyone, everywhere. There is so much false information out there, spread by companies who are not bothered with helping people, only looking to make money.

    I guess you can do both: give the spreadsheets out for free, write a nice big E-book, charge a modest fee.


  24. Paul,
    writing this more jokingly, but marketing wise it would be "better" to call those programs: Countdown to Mass (big15) and Countdown to Power(Strong15)! Houston we got a lift off!hahah

  25. Actually I think something similar to those were options.

    In the end, I chose something lame because I was tired at the time.


  26. Mark - I'm not a cookie cutter guy, I think you know this from my other stuff. The programs are actually centered around my philosophies rather than routines. I am simply going to include routines I have used with success rather than make some up to go into the program.