Saturday, March 19, 2011

Training - Back and Biceps

Weight - 234

Cybex Machine Rows - stack x 5 sets of 10

Chins - bodyweight x 7, x 5 <-- something popped in my bicep here.

Seated Strive Press - 150x5 sets of 10

Notes - Well I've been on antibiotics for a couple of days and sure enough there goes my bicep.  Not a tear, mind you, just a strain.  I've never actually strained it to be honest, I've always just gone ahead and torn it off the bone.  With this terrible virus I have and two minor injuries I think a week off is in store.  After that I will do a light break in week, then go full bore into my mass building phase.

Sometimes your body is going to force you to rest.  I got the message this time.


  1. Hey Paul,

    Not trying to be a dick, but you said you have a virus? Was this diagnosed with a doctor? Or perhaps you just used the wrong word?

    Because generally antibiotics dont work on a virus. Antibiotics are for infections caused by a bacteria.


  2. Sinus infection to boot homey. But it started as some virus with drainage and other "issues".

  3. Sucks to hear, Paul. Congrats on listening to the signs. It's often easier advice to give than take.

  4. Hey Paul. I once read that serious lifters tend to have more frequent illnesses because their body is almost always in a constant state of repair and they have fewer resources for the immune system. How does your body fair year round from all the heavy lifting?

  5. It varies. I will say I do fight colds and sinus infections and shit like that a lot. And if you read logs, I do notice that other guys that lift heavy a lot are often sick quite a bit as well.

    It's an interesting theory.

  6. Get Well soon big guy!

  7. Already feelin better Paul. Thanks!