Monday, March 28, 2011

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I'm doing this detox diet thing for the next several days.  I feel like shit.  It's basically all the vegetables you can eat.  I figured "what the hell, I'll try it."  Sometimes, shit looks good on paper, then once you get to the nut cuttin it isn't so pretty anymore.  This is how this is going right now.  I feel like I have the flu pretty much.  Achy, queasy, tired, lethargic, etc.  All normal symptoms of this kind of thing, but let me tell you it does not feel good at all.  I did lose 6 pounds the first day from water/glycogen loss.  Be interesting what my weight is by the end of the week.

So the first week of my training will be next week.  Nothing brutal or heavy, just going through the motions the first week, then the second week I'll really get after it.  I don't know that I've ever setup a training program that has quite this much activity involved in it.  I am really going to have to be on top of my sleep and resting the whole time.  I full expect my weight to jump up a bunch the first week just from adding carbs back into the diet, but I am not going to exceed 250 if I can help it.  In fact, I'd prefer not exceed 240 the first 6 weeks, but I don't know if that is realistic.

As far as lifting goals over the next 3 months, I just know of a few.  I'd like to deadlift 500x15, incline press 315x10, chin with 100 pounds x 6, squat 500x12, and do a clean and press with 315.  Not sure about the clean and press, but the others should be doable as they are only a few reps above my all time bests.  My best clean and strict press all time is 275x3.  I think I was probably capable of these lifts over a year or so ago, but as I noted in another article, I have been cruising a bit.  I've hovered around the same lifts now for a few years, and this is mainly because I haven't summoned up the testicular fortitude to really train my ass off again.  I've said before, you sometimes get caught in a rut and years can go by before you realize it.  I have also been beat up a ton over the past three years or so.  I plan on incorporating a lot of stretching post workout this time to try and avoid some of that as well.

I hate getting behind slow drivers in the morning.  I can't explain in words how irritated it makes me.  I mean the speed limit is already 35 and you're doing 20.  I also have a side road I take to work, and probably two days of the week I get behind some slow asshole that decides to use my side road as well.  Why are you taking a short cut if you drive so slow?  Some may say that they take the short cut because they do in fact drive slow, but in my twisted mind it makes no sense.  I see short cuts as something faster than normal drives find and use because they want to get where they are going.  Thus, the morning snail I get behind makes me even more irritated with this shit.

Ever wonder why these celebs work their asses off to get in great shape for a role, then do nothing to keep it?  Gerard Butler, Ed Norton, Kurt Russell, etc.  I already read the guy playing Thor lost 15 of the 20 pounds he gained for the role.  I'm sure that Chris Evans will perform a similar act now that Captain America is over.  And yes I do think that anabolics are involved in some of these cases.  Not that any of these guys are rivaling Arnold in his prime, but it's damn hard to gain 15-20 pounds and be LEANER in just a few months and do that naturally.  Then a lot of times these guys fade away back to nothing shortly after.  I just wonder why they don't try to keep that hard earned mass a little bit.

My elbow is feeling pretty good about 85% of the time.  I'm not sure how long this will last once I start training heavy again, but my hope is well, forever.

I went out to eat at Kona this weekend with the wife, her friend, and the mother in law.  She's staying with us for a few days (and yes it's fine, I get along with her really well).  Anyway I had their Hawiian ribeye and I can tell you it was incredible.  I also had three watermelon cosmopolitans, ate half my wife's hamburger, then finished it all off with a giant brownie that had two scoops of ice cream.  Maybe that's why this stupid veggie diet feels like hell?

No movies to report on yet.  Prolly next week.

Speaking of movies, why do they advertise a movie like 6 and 8 months out from the release date?  To build excitement?  I'd be more excited if I saw the trailer and could go see it the upcoming weekend.  Waiting 6 months?  Well that's how you end up with bad reviews.  A 6 month wait builds a lot of expectations.

Short and sweet today.


  1. Paul,
    Not really a comment about the post. But I am curious what your thought are about the boring but big assistance for 531 for someone trying to get as strong as possible.

  2. Well I think that's more for hypertrophy stuff. I think you'd be better off hitting the main stuff hard and then throwing in 1 or 2 assistance movements.

  3. I think those actors lose that mass after the role because they never had any interest in being big to begin with or they would be that size normally, and sometimes it can go against an actor to be too buff for certain roles.

    Regarding movie advertising, definitely agree with you there, I read recently that more than 50% of the costs of a making a movie these days is spent on advertising, that's fucking stupid, and it just drives up the price of everything else related to the project. Studios have driven people away from the cinema/dvd towards downloading because of the cost of seeing a film in the cinema and their solution is to jack up the price even more by using more advertising. Brilliant.

  4. and studios wonder why pirating is such an issue...

  5. I think slow drivers have to realize that going to fast is a hazard but going to slow is a serious hazard as well....espescially in the left lane

  6. No doubt MT. The really slow drivers cause a hell of a lot of accidents. That and women drivers...(ducks and runs for cover)

  7. Hey Paul,

    Interesting you should mention the detox you are trying. Have you considered Intermittent Fasting on your non-lifting days? It works pretty well giving your digestive system a break as well clearing your body of unnecessary shit. Add in some light cardio and fat loss is also possible.

  8. Actually yeah I do that post cheat day for about half the day.

    So I do a cheat window for around 3 hours on Saturday, then on Sunday I will fast until around 2 PM before I eat. This is usually during a leaning out stage. I wouldn't do this during a mas building phase like I have upcoming.