Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Training - Zero week

Ez Curls - 115 x 8,8

Squats - 315 x 5 sets of 5

Notes - This week is the warm up week so to speak.  Still not back to 100% on that left adductor.  Some sharp pain in there when I squat still.  I will squat the next few days, then pull first and front squat next week.  I hope by the next week the adductor is fully healed up.


  1. Hi Paul.
    1. Have you ever tried a massage therapist for that leg?

    2. I'm doing high pulls in my routine right now and I could do more weight but then I wouldn't be very explosive on the lift. I was thinking I should stay with the weight I'm using until it gets more explosive and then increase. What do you think? Thx. Good luck with the leg.

  2. You're right. It's up high near the groin area. I bet that'd feel awesome.

    I will call someone today.