Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughts about life, training, crap and stuff

I think some people have provable bad taste.

For example, if a movie comes out and it gets rave reviews across the board, and like 5 billion people vote on it at IMDB or whatever and everyone loves it, and you get this guy and he's like "oh that movie sucks".  Well that can be an opinion.

But then if you add in food and you know a great restaurant, that is considered the best of its kind and everyone you know loves the food, and it's packed all the time and he goes "oh that place sucks, I hate their food."

Then you factor in music, women, alcohol, cars, and vacation spots and he is always opposed to an overwhelming opinion that this shit is good, then I think it's safe to say this guy has scientifically proven bad taste.  I think you can do that.  Yes.  Don't tell me you can't.

Bad taste in men.  Scientific fact

I got two weeks left on this diet, and then I am going to switch into mass gaining mode.  That means LEAN mass gaining.  And for those that think my programs are just me thinking shit up you'll see I do EXACTLY what I wrote down in there.  Not sold you thought up routines or programs or philosophies.  In fact, I'm excited about bringing back in some PIT's to my training because it's been a while since I trained REALLY hard like that.  I've been coasting for a while, and I think in a lot of ways that is good, but I also think I'm fallen into my own "generic man" status for a little while now.  I have two very solid goals I want to accomplish in the next 12-16 months, and it's time to get crackin.  If you want to know them, it's 240-245 @ 10% or less bodyfat, 650 raw (no belt/no wraps) squat, 455 close grip bench, and a 700 deadlift.  That puts me over 1800.  I think the dead might be pushing it, but I am also beginning to figure that damn thing out too.  So what the hell, let's do this.

When I get sick, I keep on trucking, sometimes making shit worse.  This confuses the married females I know because they say, and I mean ALL of them, that when their guy gets sick he's the biggest baby in the world.  My wife makes note that she thinks the reason this is is because as males our mother babied us when we got sick, so we find comfort in that now.  Pretty interesting theory and it probably has some merit for some guys, just not me.  But I don't remember my mom babying me a whole lot either.  She was pretty stern with me most of the time, and really broke foot off in my ass when I wasn't treating my girl properly.  Thanks mom.

I watched Collateral again this week.  Man I love that movie.  The only thing I don't like, is the end.  I mean Vincent is Mozambique drilling everyone left and right, and in the end (spoilers) he can't win in a shoot out with a cab driver?  No excuses.  He lost in the shoot out with the cab driver, and its bullshit.  I wanted them to spin it so that Vincent killed the target, but spared the cabbie.  Maybe gave him some dough to start his limo company.  The they coulda done Collateral 2.  Awesome.

The good guy, dammit!

On the third season of The Wire.  Awesome show.  I still stand by the fact that I believe the first season sucked and was slow.  The second and third seasons are awesome.

I'm here to tell you, that the shit that people write or say in a public way/forum/site, isn't always the truth about what they believe.  Let me just say this, it makes reading some message boards interesting when some hard ass goes on and on about what he thinks he knows about some peoples opinions and peoples opinions in regards to training methodologies.  Damn, that's a hell of a run on sentence eh?

My four year old goes out to play the other day, then comes back in after a few minutes.
"I'm bored out there!"
"Well I will send Buster out with you.  He'll play."
"No!  I want a human to play with!"

A guy at work tells me yesterday, after I asked him how much weight he had lost, that it was 34 pounds in the last month.  He did this 500 calorie a day HCG Diet.  He sent me the PDF because I had to see it.  It worked for him.  The only thing I think about when I see weight loss using those kind of extreme measures is that it doesn't set you up for long term success because it doesn't teach long term habits (probably a redundant phase there).  I thought about giving it a go, not because I thought it was a good idea to lose fat, just to say I did it.  I'm fairly adventurous about that kind of shit and do like to test my tolerance levels.  Wisely, I talked myself out of it.  I am down to just a few shakes a day and 1 food meal, but that's my normal 2 week tapering period at the end of a dieting cycle.

A guy pops in my cube yesterday and says there is a rumor floating around about him.  That he used to be a cage fighter.  How the fuck would a rumor like that get started?  The shit people come up with sometimes.....

Speaking of cage fighting, Shogun is going to walk through Bones Jones.  Yeah yeah I know he's the big up and comer and all, but Shogun has fought tall guys before that used their reach better and were better boxers. I just don't think that Shogun is going to get caught with a spinning elbow or some shit ok?  I mean it's not like Jones wanted to stand and trade with Ryan Bader for peetes sake.  You think he wants to stand with Shogun?  Hell no.  And I think Shogun will be able to keep it standing.  Game over man, game over.  If I'm wrong some Bones Jones crotch rider will certainly show up to let me know about it, I'm sure.

"get ready bitch...."

Why would the most interesting man in the world drink a god damned beer?  Drink some mad dog 20/20.  That would make people ask questions.  And asking questions = interesting.

More interesting than any fucking beer

Was talking with this guy I know who runs marathons the other day and we got off on the Kenyans.  People are speculating that one of them is going to break the 2 hour mark for a full marathon at some point.  The is beyond freaking insane.  Robert Cheruiyot is the guy from Kenya that has won it four times, with a world record of 2 hours 5 minutes and fifty two seconds.  That's 26 miles averaging roughly 13 miles an hour.  13 miles an hour is the speed a lot of dudes can't get up to at all.  To me these things are just as amazing as Andy Bolton deadlifting a grand or 700 pound raw bench presses.  Maybe even more so because these guys are not "enhanced" (that I know of, I could be completely wrong about that).  

I swear to God everyone thinks they have Native American blood in them.  If the subject of heritage comes up in a conversation everyone I know says they have Cherokee or some shit in them.  And it's always some pale dude with blonde or red hair that looks like he should have a kilt or fucking lucky charms outfit on.  And it's never verified through genealogy either.  It's the same shit every time.  "Oh yeah man, I'm part Indian.  My grandmother told me that she had a sister who was married to this guy and his uncle fucked this woman who had a kid from another guy that was half Cherokee.  So that makes me at least like 3/4 Indian."  

I wish I had some kind of machine that you put your finger into, and tells you exactly what your heritage consists of.  So when this shit starts, I could whip it out, make em put their finger on it and then scream in their face how they have ZERO Native American in them.  

"My grandmother was full blooded Cherokee..."
I hate a service departments hours.  Why are their hours like 9-5 and Monday through Friday?  Does that make any sense at all?  Think about it.  You're at work.  You need shit to get done.  So you gotta take off of work for this.  Why don't they have hours like noon until 9 p.m.?  That way when you are off work you can go?  Minor rant.

Just two more weeks until I can EAT!!!!!!  ARG!  I'm sooooo hungry!

Everyone have a good weekend!



  1. Wire season 1 might not have worked for you just because it takes some time to get used to the style of the show, and the show takes a while to introduce you to everyone. I bet if after you finish it, you were to watch the first season again, you'd dig it more.

  2. It's possible but I think the other seasons have been more interesting because there have been more subplots.

    Omar and Bowtie teaming up to kill Stringer has def been my most fave part so far. That was awesome.

  3. Paul, I take it your going to training 3 days a week on your MASS phase?


  4. The Wire gets better as you go because, like you said, the many subplots. And the character use and development is superb. It's almost as if there isn't such thing as a minor character in the entire show.

    Also, these "Thoughts..." columns are some of your best, in my opinion. You should make an archive and tab them on the home page like how you have the Philosophy and the What Constitutes Strong tabs. I don't know what it takes to do this, so maybe it's an unreasonable suggestion. I just like these columns and selfishly would like easy access for reviewing.

    Todd Malone

  5. Todd - Watching season 4 as I type this. And yeah I could put up a link on the main page. Not a bad idea.

    Greg - Yes, 3X a week with two days of conditioning. Can't wait!

  6. Ditto what Todd said; these "Thoughts . . " posts really tickle me haha.
    regards, geoff

  7. Not a Jone crotch rider, but if you remember when you first spoke of the fight I said Jones may surprise you...did he?

    Jones may be one of the best wrestlers in the UFC right now, and that was overlooked by Rua I think.

    And...he even caught him with a spinning elbow...must be easy to walk into one once you are taken completely out of your game plan!! HA!

    Jones is a good fighter, Rua took him lightly and paid for it. I bet Rashad gives him an epic battle.


  8. Nah. Shogun looked soft and was gassed before the end of the 1st. As is usually the case with Shogun you never know what you're going to get health wise. And he didn't look 100% to me. I'm not taking away from Jones dismantling of him, but no one has ever stopped Shogun and he's only 29. His biggest enemy has been that damn knee. And two surgeries in 10 months tends to take away a guys ability to train at a high level the whole time.

    Rashad is going to get an epic beat down. That's all.

  9. You are right the real Shogun didnt show up yeasterday, not sure if he would be able to win if he was 100%, but at least he would be dangerous. I'm sure he was not just gassed, that knee when he stood up from the ground in the 1stRD hit the liver, that strike decided the fight. Right now i see only Machida or Anderson being treats to JJ. Now that UFC bought strikeforce and Fedor will go down to LHW, maybe we see Jones vs Fedor?

  10. Well Shogun hasn't fought in 10 months and has had two surgeries in that time. Jones was fight ready from the Bader fight just 6 weeks or so ago. So that definitely played a part. However even at 100% I think Shogun has his hands full and I underestimated Jones a bit.

    I'm not ready to anoint Jones as some super fighter yet.

    Every time there is a promising up and comer he gets overhyped badly. We haven't seen how Jones responds when he's badly rocked. Can he hang on and survive? We don't know.

    What about when someone stuffs his take downs, or actually controls him on the ground? We don't know.

    Jones is young with a lot of promise but there are still a ton of question marks about him. Everyone said Brock Lesnar was going to be an unstoppable force for a long time.....until we all found out he doesn't like getting hit, and turtles up like a bitch when he does. Now all of a sudden he's a 1 trick wrestling pony with no stand up and no heart.

    Make no mistake, Jones is a bazillion times more talented than Lesnar, however I want to see him make a long run against top guys before I start talking about how he's king shit.

  11. Paul, old ass post I know, but what is your heritage? I'm mostly Norwegian, Maltese, and a whole lot of other shit, or so I've been told.