Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Training - Deadlift

Bodyweight - 233 pounds

Hip and Ass Machine - 2 sets of 50
Calf Press- stack x 20,15

Deadlifts -
135 x 10
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 3
455 x 3
500 x 9
550 x 1

Shrugs - 405 x 25

Leg Press - stack + extra weight x 10

Notes - Felt ok tonight but disheartened with the deadlifts.  I know 500x12 should be there but didn't feel like grinding it out.  So I cut it short at 9.  I'm not REALLY that upset about it, as my calories are super low and I'm dropping bodyweight at a pretty good clip.  When I am lean enough I will reverse gears and start some mass building again, however I am going to keep the bodyweight in check this time.  My goal of 240 @ 7-9% is within reach so it's time to dig down and make it happen.  Even if strength is in the shitter right now.


  1. Deads looks pretty smooth, nice work. Do you ever wear a belt?
    Thanks to your piece on deadlifting a while ago I managed to fix my form a little bit and pulling felt pretty good today. No pbs since I haven't trained in about a month (cash flow) but can see a means to improve now.
    Been meaning to ask you (afaik I haven't asked you already) but do you think a person's training needs to change when they are dieting? More cardio/conditioning seems obvious, but does that mean weight sessions need to be cut down on slightly, should volume increase or decrease, less/more isolation, or is that all just fapping about that doesn't really help much?
    thanks, B.

  2. I never wear a belt. No belt, no knee wraps, zero supportive equipment. Ok wrist wraps and elbow stuff but that's only because if I don't I won't be able to move my arm a day after benching.

    But it's getting better.

    There are a thoughts on the dieting and training part. Some guys don't change a thing.

    I think your body will adjust some of that for you. Remember you want your strength to stay as high as possible during that time, so cut out any fluff or bullshit and just stick to the big movements. Even if it's just 1 per session. You're working on limited energy so the key is just trying to maintain strength, not build it.

    Be smart.

  3. thanks paul, good points there, will look to get the important work done and if I have to drop an isolation movement or two in the process so be it, won't be able to build bigger guns on a deficit anyways.

  4. hi! good blog!
    do you train the calves?
    what means "with stack"?


  5. The whole stack of weight on that machine.

  6. Paul, I know this isn't a Q and A post, but I'm stuck in the gym and wondered what your thoughts were.

    I am an ROTC cadet at Texas Christian University, and we have required morning PT (pushups, running, abs, etc. it's mostly hard on legs) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    I wanted your thoughts on how I could set up my training for each week. My main goal is strength and hypertrophy right now.

    Thanks a lot, really great blog here,

  7. What are your thoughts on heavy ass sled drags or farmers walks for conditioning as compared to sprints or sprints uphill?

  8. Anonymous - I like any strongman type stuff for conditioning as well, yes. Do every type of conditioning you can think of, that is awesome. If it's not awesome, don't do it.

    Ryan - That mostly comes back to food intake and how many days you can train. If you can hold out until I release these two programs in the next week it may answer everything for you.