Saturday, March 12, 2011

Training - Back and Biceps

Bodyweight - 238 <- cheat night last night in full effect

T-bar rows -
1 plate x 30
2p x 10
3p x 10
4p x 10
5p x 10
6p x 17 PR

V-bar chins -

body x 5
+25 x 5
+50 x 4
+75 x 3
+100 x 1.5

body x 18

Ez Curls - 115 x 12,8

Notes - 80%er.  Felt good after getting in extra food last night and got a decent night sleep on top of that.  Amazing how that works.  Set a PR on t-bar rows but believe it or not that set felt harder than the 6 plates x 16 two weeks ago.  Chins are creeping up slowly.  I should be back to tying my pr of 100x3 soon.  Still working towards one day hitting that elite 100x10.

I did do two sets of curls since everyone kept asking "why only 1 set of curls?"


  1. wow! up 5lbs off 1meal?!!

  2. LOL yeah this is not uncommon. You gotta remember all the water retention that comes with a glycogen load like that.

  3. Put a shirt on skinny! Nice chins!

  4. I'm wearing my foreskin...err tank top. The Black Label shirt doesn't count?