Monday, April 4, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

Monday O' Monday, how I loathe thee.........

Whatever lifting template, program, routine, etc you decide to use let me say right off the bat that it should not be difficult to understand.  I don't know how many times I have to write this.  Nothing in strength training has changed in 60+ years.  Guys knew how to get strong a long time ago.

Why is it in dreams you can't beat anyone up or run away from anyone?  I had this dream last night, and this guy I didn't know wanted to hang out with me but I didn't want him to.  Some random white trash guy with a mullet.  Anyway, I tried to run away but he was like Usain Bolt.  Ran me down from a great distance with ease.  Then I tried to beat the hell out of him and he couldn't be damaged.  Like the Incredible Hulk.  Maybe I should create a PWT mullet super villain?  Listens to Lynard Skynard and CCR all day long in his Monte Carlo and invades peoples space and private parties.  If anyone tries to remove him or get away, well it's impossible.  Very nightmarish indeed. 

Super Villain?

Ever notice that the control freaks in your life almost never have control of things?  And the people who are cool, calm, and collected always have control of everything?  Something to ponder when shit isn't going your way.

Spring is here FINALLY!  Lots of good conditioning to be done.  Except that my feet are not in good shape at all.  But I expect to be doing a lot of steady state outside.  My hard conditioning right now will be a lot of bag work and boxing.

So I didn't write about it yet but, I got a wild hair up my butt and bought some supplements for this mass gain phase.  My diet will be almost all food aside from 1-2 shakes, but I did buy some multi vitamins, Animal Flex (to see if it would help my elbow), protein powder (ON 100% Whey), my usual BCAA (scivation), a preworkout pick me up as I have gotten tired of well, being tired (Jack3d).  I think I got something else but can't remember.  Anyway, nothing fancy or over the top.  These are decent "supplements" to buy as I researched them and they are truly acting as SUPPLEMENTS.  Not staples.  I also plan on trying a fat burner when this mass gain cycle is done.  I haven't tried one with great regularity since they took REAL ECA stacks off the shelves.

Will give reports on the shit I bought.

Expect to see a lot of volume in my training over the next few months.  Volume with high reps and limited rest periods.  This will be on my secondary movements.  My initial movements, the staples like overhead press, incline, squats, deads, etc will all be cycled like I have cycled lifts before.  But I'm going to do some really high volume on the movements after that for medium to high reps to see what happens.

Started my spring cleaning stuff yesterday.  Cleaned the gutters, moved a bunch of big stones in the yard, raked the left over leaves, put the mowers battery on charge, and just did an overall "get ready" of the yard.  The wife likes to plant a whole botanical gardens worth of flowers in the spring and she's working now too, so  I'm  trying to make the starting of it easier on her.  I did very little yard work last year for the first year ever.  My house looked like an abandoned home all winter.  So back to making the yard look good this year.  Plus yard work is fun and good for calorie burning.

We had big trash pick up day this last week.  So you put out all the big shit you want taken away on the curb.  Man, that is such a surreal evening.  There's all this trash out along the whole neighborhood, and car after car comes down the road pilfering through all this crap.  Just taking shit.  It's reminds me some post Apocalyptic raid.  I guess it's true, that one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Big trash pickup day in my neighborhood is always a mess

I have a feeling that that Rebecca Black song is going to become the new "Rick Rolled".  I had a co-worker send me that shit last week and I thought it was an SNL skit or something because, outside of the song being beyond terrible, the lyrics were so retarded.  So I kept waiting and waiting.  And nothing happened.  So I wasn't laughing, or saying "this is shitty" because I thought it was a damn parody of these teeny bopper singers and kept waiting on the turn.  But nope.  It was "real".  Some will laugh, but it makes me put bands like Creed and Nickelback into a new perspective.  I mean yeah everyone hates them, but at least those dudes played their instruments and wrote their own songs.  We have record labels auto tuning people who can't sing and over marketing them so that we HAVE to know who they are.  It's disgraceful.  And again, the record labels and movie companies wonder why piracy is such an issue.......

Maybe losing the throne? 

So the new season of The Ultimate Fighter is here.  Brock Lesnar sounds/acts like a different guy than the born-asshole-grew-bigger guy he was when he smashed Frank Mir.  You know why?  Because Cain Velasquez beat his ass six ways till Sunday.  My guess is, Brock has never been beaten on like that.  Yeah Carwin beat his ass and then turned into a 265 pound sandbag in the second round from gassing out.  But Brock went on to win that one, so in his mind, he was unstoppable (even though he has never been able to take a punch).  Getting your ass beat for the first time is a HUMBLING experience and will change you.  I remember when Chuck Coleman beat my ass at a park in the small town I grew up in.  I had been in a lot of scraps at that point and gotten the better of the other guy every time.  Well Chuck was older than me and took me to school, even though it took him a long time (he told me later it was the longest fight he had ever been in, I wasn't going quietly).  Anyway, it was good for me to be humbled.  No matter what you think of yourself, there is always someone out there that can stomp your ass out in no time flat.  I don't give a shit how much you bench press or how tough you think you are.  Hell everyone watched 155 pound Roger Huerta beat the living hell out of a 250 pound linebacker in the middle of the street.  I guess what I'm getting at is, it's always good to watch some big mouth get humbled like that (including myself when it happened to me).

Humbled...I think


  1. Sore feet are a pain (pun unintended), did you ever get sore knees when you were in full on bulk mode in the past, or just from doing too much conditioning? B

  2. Never. My knees seems to be bullet proof. 13 years of football, 20 years of martial arts, and 21 years of lifting and my knees have never hurt a day in my life.

  3. About the joint supplement: ever hear about Wobenzym? It was recommended to me by a strength coach down here in Houston. I started using it when I strained the hell out of my shoulder last summer and it helped me heal faster than I ever have before.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has dreams like that. No matter how small or weak the attacker is, my punches just won't do anything and I couldn't outrun an elderly person with a walker.


  5. Tony - Haven't heard of it. Going to give this can a try and will give some feedback on how I do. If not, I'll look it up and give it a go. Thanks.

    Sean - All the time man. I remember one where I was beating this guy in the face with a rotary dial phone. I mean smashing him as hard as I could and he kept laughing at me.

  6. I used to have that same problem in dreams regularly, until I took up judo (later bjj) and started working a heavy bag at least a few times a week. Ever since, I've had great success in beating up my imaginary foes - on only one occasion in the last several years did I have something of the "marshmallow fist" syndrome, as I call it. I still won out, but it definitely felt like my punches were soft and airy.

    Now, as you've done martial arts a hell of a lot longer than I have, I can only assume this is due to a rising confidence level. The young inductee likely feels a noticeable boost in confidence (or cockiness) throughout the course of the day that may begin to fade over time as the training becomes more customary.

    I can only speculate on this, of course, but I've also noticed that when I wasn't doing much running, it was very hard for me to get up and maintain running speed in dreams. I'd often start running on all fours, skating along the ground really. This leads me to believe that the level of confidence and comfort in a given action will effect how realistic a dream is in respect to that action.


  7. "Marshmallow fist." That's awesome.

    That's some cool insight Trevor. Now I'm sure that the phrase marshmallow fist is in my head, the next time I gotta pound a guy out in my dreams I'll have stay puff all attached to my wrists.