Saturday, April 30, 2011

Training - Press and stuff

Bodyweight - 245

Incline Press -
bar x 40
135 x 15
185 x 8

225 x 23, 15

Db Bench - 100's x 15

Seated Db Side Laterals - 20's x 4 sets of 20

Notes - Lifted at home.  Very little sleep but still had a decent session.  Closing in on 225x30.  That'll be a nice milestone.

This is how I'm looking right now at 245-250.


  1. got yoke?
    yes you do.

  2. Looking good Paul,

    Just out of interest, how much do you weigh in that pic of you standing with your lovely wife?


  3. I believe I was 250ish as there as well. This is the weight I generally settle into once I eat even "normal". I generally under eat pretty severely.

  4. Have you ever thought of doing bodybuilding?

  5. When I was younger I really liked bodybuilding a lot. Back when Haney and Yates and guys like that were in their prime. But I have no interest in it now. That dieting for 16 weeks is something I have no interest in trying. I respect what those guys have the discipline for, it's just not something I'd ever want to try. Not yet anyway.