Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Training - Pipes

Weight - 241

Close Grips -
bar x 25
135 x 10
185 x 5
225 x 4
275 x 3
315 x 2
365 x 1
275 x 3 (more on this in notes)

Rope Pshdowns -
up t o 70 x 13

Ez Curls - 85 x 20, 105 x 10

Notes - elbow was feeling just fine all night until the down set with 275.  3 reps in and excruciating pain.  Even though the 365 was super fast and easy I think I'm going to just keep it at 245-275 for high reps the next month or so and incline heavy.  This should work just fine, and I have to remind myself that my training is serving a different purpose right now.  For so long I've been in "1 rep max" mode that I'm having a little trouble breaking out of it.

So look for some high reps with light-medium weight on the close grips from here on out.  275x25 would be nice.

Update - So I get home and I'm pissed about the down set so I go into the basement, wrap the elbows up nice and snug and hit a quick close grip of 225x22.  My goal for close grips over the next few months will be 225x40 and 275x25.  I'm pretty sure fresh I'm good for 225x28-30 and 275x18ish.


  1. 22-25/40reps? these straight rep sets paul not RP? they're some high reps fella - especially with those weights!

  2. Straight sets. I am good for 225x20+ fresh on incline so bench should be close to 30 right now fresh. 275 is probably 18 now fresh. So I figure adding 7 reps in the next many months could be doable for the 275.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I have just seen your post on P&B on the 'First Meet Training Cycle' thread (I can't post over there as never had my account activated).

    Would you set it up like this:

    M: Bench, Rows
    W: Squat, Deads
    F: CGBP/Inc Press, Chins


  4. M - Squat/Pull

    W - Bench, Incline

    F - Row, Chin, Curl