Friday, April 22, 2011

Training - Deads and Back

Workout from last night -

Bodyweight - 248

Warm up - calf press machine x 25, adductor and abductor machines, hip and ass machine - 2 sets of each

Deadlifts -
135 x 10
225 x 5
315 x 4
405 x 3
475 x 2
515 x 3

Stiff Legs on Block - 455 x 8

Shrugs - 405 x 8, 500 x 18

Chins - wide x 5, close x 5 (elbow hurting on chins too)

Sprints - x 10 around the track

Heavy Bag Work - 10 minutes

Notes - Really solid session.  Upper range 80%er.  Although I think, but not sure, that the 455x8 on stiffs is a PR.  But I'm not positive.  Saw a guy doing PJR pullovers in the gym.  I asked him what they were called and he told me "PJR pullovers" and I told him I was the guy they were named after.  Don't mean to brag but it's the only thing relevant I've brought to the lifting world.

Guess I can continue to aim low.


  1. Paul, no belt, wraps or straps, but you have nothing on these guys. Truly "raw"!

    Happy Easter.

  2. Hey, Paul. Nice to meet you today. I was the one doing the PJRs. Thought I'd check your site out and saw you mentioned me. Looking forward to checking the site out. Helluva SLD! Have a good one, man.


  3. Graig - I am jealous of your pipes. Good meeting you dude. Look forward to chatting in the future.

    Steve - Why are these nudist people always the last mother fuckers you want to see naked?

  4. Craig I misspelled your name. I fat fingered it. I do know how to spell Graig however.....wait.

  5. LOL, because they have no shame. At least the woman brought a towel to sit on. Giving someone a spot might be a tad tricky, the mind boggles - LMFAO!

  6. Thanks, Paul! No worries about the name, man. I'm sure I'll see ya again. I'm there Mon-Fri somewhere between 11:00 and 1:00.

  7. Cool beans Craig.

    Steven - That place will need a lot of bleach.

  8. That song gets me pumped every time.

    Really, the music in my gym is by far the worst I've ever been exposed to.

  9. I saw you wearing the headphones, but be honest. You had your iPod turned off, didn't you? Awesome work, but what's up with the 5-4-3-2-3 rep scheme on the deads? Were you only going for 1 but you were "feeling" the weight and kept going? Just curious.

  10. 5-4-3-2-3 - Just pulling a triple with the top set for now since the weights are are such wussy poundage then using the stiff legs as the back off. This is something I have done a lot in the past and it works really well. Once the weights get back to the 600+ range I will go back my usual 5-4-3-2-1 stuff.

  11. Thanks for an awesome site and the e-book I bought!

    In my gym (in sweden) we have checked your blog daily since july.

  12. Thanks for your words!

    I'd actually love to come to Sweden. That would be an awesome vacation.

  13. Shit, Your PJR !!. that's an absolute crackup !. I remember reading your posts in the dog pound for quite a few years. i had no idea, yourself and a few other guys like scott, massive G brought alot to the table in that forum.

    For many a DC blast I had PJR pullover's in my rotation, fantastic pump in the long head from those, and a great movement for some solid progression.

  14. Yeah I wish I could still do em myself but until my elbow pain is completely gone it's not in the cards. Getting better tho.