Monday, April 18, 2011

Training - Squatting

Weight - 245

Squats - no belt no wraps (as always)
body x 20
135 x 20
155 x 20
185 x 20
225 x 20
315 x 20

Pause Squats - 315 x 2 sets of 5

Notes - Well didn't retear anything so I think the adductor is healing up ok.  I won't lie this workout was HARD.  I am in good shape cardio wise, but my legs are weak weak weak from the weeks of not squatting or rehabbing the adductor.  I think I will start the 10's next week and roll them for 2 weeks before moving into 8's.  Still, I apologize for moving pussy weights until the leg is healed.


  1. Have you been to the doc about the adductor or is it an injury you have previous experience with?

  2. I've torn each adductor quite a few times. This one from months ago was the worst. No need to see the doc really. Nothing they can do. This time I just didn't take the proper steps for a while to rehab it correctly. I think I'm on the road to recovery now.