Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Training - Pipes

Bodyweight - 245

Close Grip Bench - 
bar x 25
135 x 10
225 x 8
275 x 15
225 x 15

Ez Curls - 65 x 15, 115 x 15

Pushdowns - stack x 13-8-5 rest/pause style

Machine Curls - 1 arm at a time - 1 plate x 18,15

Notes - nice session.  Close grip is just shy of where I thought it was.  So I'm still around a 400 close grip bench which is fine at the moment.  That means aftera  few weeks it will probably run up to 275x18-20 which puts me squarely back at 435-445.  My goal this year has been 450.  I was smart about the benching tonight and kept it light and the elbow is thanking me for it.  So I'm pretty happy about being smart for once.  

To the guy I ran into that reads my blog I apologize for not talking more.  If I get to talking while I'm lifting I will end up blowing up the whole session.  If you ever want to talk lifting more hit me up after a workout and we can discuss anything.  I have to be mindful of fat mouth because I have the gift of gab and will go on forever.  Thanks for reading!  


  1. paul, i'm just a guy who likes to pretend to be a powerlifter. i lift raw, and train the big three. i have a very hectic life right now, and i can only train 2 days aweek. i use your strong15. i do squats and deads mondays, and bench on tuesdays. i've been doing pulls on a half rack from below the knee as an assistance movement and it is helping. i feel like it hits my whole back. at least, my traps, erectors, lats, the whole shebang feels sore the next day. heck even my medial and rear delts get sore from that. i love them. on my bench day, i want to hit my back again. not too hard, but i wanna get some good work in. what really would be the best bang for my buck? i don't have a good place for t-bar rows, and the t-bar implement we do have kinda suck. we have a decent CSR i could use, and all the typical cable machines. i can do pullups, or neutral grip chins with varying grip widths. we have pretty heavy dumbbell. and then there's the standard BB row. for a guy like me, what do you thin would be a good plan for my back on this day? you are an amazing resource, and i feel i'd be stupid not to ask you. please, when you get a minute, could you let me know what you think? thanks brother.

  2. Adam - Lots of chins. The one thing that I have found that helps on chins is not to push them too hard and do a lot of sets of 3,4,5,6,7 bodyweight only, then go heavy when you're feeling really good.

    If you don't feel like chinning on that particular day do some kroc rows instead and go to work. No reason you can't chin one week and then row the next on bench day.

  3. why would u do pushdowns unless bodybuilding??? i find them useless....imo...

  4. I currently am kind of in a "bodybuilding" phase as I need to get bigger for powerlifting.