Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wife's cooking blog

My wife is an awesome cook.  I am not saying that because I love her, I am saying that because one of the reasons I knew I'd marry that gal is because of her cooking.

Tiff can cook anything southern/Cajun/Italian.  And her Italian esp, is better than anything I have ever tasted from any restaurant.

Anyway, a great way to romance your own woman is to cook for her.  So guys take notice.

And for the ladies that follow here, a great way to get some honey-do list stuff done is to make him a damn good meal.

Learn how to work this shit to your advantage.

Also, if you are bulking this is great great stuff.


  1. Same here, Paul. My late wife sealed the deal for me with her cooking. My two girls have been keeping me alive but I really should learn to cook since they might be leaving the nest soon. I'm following your wife's blog now. :) lol

  2. If you cook any of her stuff let us know man.

  3. I just smile when I hear that you marry with her because of her cooking. Nice blog thanks for sharing your love.
    dean graziosi

  4. I may try that tomato sauce recipe that was posted. It looks pretty awesome.

  5. I can't imagine marrying a woman that can't cook Dean.

    Kyle - Make it man. You won't regret it.

  6. Since you always refer to your wife as the "chick at the gym with big cans" you should rename the cooking blog, "Cooking With Big Cans"

    Guarantee you double your traffic overnight.