Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

Watched some new flicks finally.....

Tron - Not bad.  Ending coulda been a little better I thought, but I think they purposely left some things open for another one.  I watched this with the girls so I appreciated the PG rating.  They liked it a lot as well.  Always a bonus for me when the girls dig it.

The Next Three Days - Someone recommended this to me.  Really solid!  The do a great job of not letting on what is really going to happen and it does a good job of keeping you on your toes.  A lot longer than I expected too.

Source Code - Really really awesome.  Not what you think either, if going by the previews.  Don't want to give anything away so just go see it.  It's not that long either.

Well the government avoided the shutdown.  This is good for me as I work for the government.  Although I wont lie, I wouldn't have minded a day or three off just to hang and relax.  I suppose I could take vacation for that but I really like to save my vacation time for big stuff like Vegas or going back to Louisiana.  I'm also glad they were able to cut funding that was going to go to federally funded abortions.  Now just to smash planned parenthood eventually.  And I believe this will happen at some point.

Ok so I FINALLY got my training down.  As I noted, I generally write a bunch of shit on paper and then make changes as the week goes on.  I'll just post up the sessions and if anyone has any questions just ask.  Don't be surprised when you see me doing fewer movements than ever.

More steroids in baseball crap been going on.  For the love of God congress, get back on subjects that matter and keep your nose out of this kind of shit.  Besides, everyone knows now that complaining about steroids is the mating call of the perennial loser.  They should put these old geezers in congress on some test so they'd know how awesome it feels.

My buddy sent me a link for this antijoke site and I haven't stopped laughing.

"What did the homeless man get for Christmas?"


Speaking of baseball (I did earlier) I hate it.  I played it for a long time, mainly because my pops wanted me to.  But man that is some boring shit to watch.  I don't see how people can watch baseball on TV or golf on TV.  I can even watch bowling.  I mean at least there is some action every minute or so.

I feel the same about NASCAR.  How can people watch cars do left turns for hours on end?  I came up with an idea for NASCAR.  They should put in a ramp or some kind of high risk/high reward thing, where you could do it, and possibly make up 10 cars, but the risk is you destroy the whole car.  Like a ramp that cuts across the track or some shit like that, or you drive through a gasoline car wash then have to jump through a fire hoop.  Something like that.  I'd watch then.

I have written before about how over the past many years my training has dwindled down further and further as far as how much shit I am doing, and the less I did the stronger I got.  I knew at some point I'd just be doing the big 3 or 4 and some arms.  And well, after having a big huge plan about training that's pretty much what is going to happen.  Although I will be training 4 times a week.  With all this food coming in I feel pretty good and my energy levels are high.  But I'm not going to overdo it the first couple of weeks and burn out early.  Here is what I will be doing (and this is after the first week when I have to feel things out, so this is correct)

Monday - Squats and adductor work or lunges maybe
Tuesday - Close Grips and some arm work
Thursday - Deadlift, Shrug, and possibly chins
Saturday - Incline Press and Shoulders

That's the whole ball of wax.  Had to have that same damn conversation with myself about staying the course and not worrying about too much bullshit.  Whenever I get really enthusiastic I can write down shit on paper for myself that LOOKS good, but isn't good.  I believe that a lot of us probably fall into this trap.

Great fight between Diaz and Daley.  I still want to see Diaz fight the top 170 guys in UFC before I buy in though.  I think that GSP would walk through him right now.

Got a guy I work with, and he's one of those ultimate glass is half empty dudes.  Not a negative guy to hang out with, totally cool guy.  But if a scenario comes up, like this government shutdown, he always chooses the WORST possible scenario.  Everytime.  I said at most, two days.  He said Easter.  EASTER!  WTF?  If he heard about a toothpick battle going on in Chechnya he'd say we were on the brink of a nuclear war.

Google is such a sellout now.  They used to be the anti Microsoft.  You know, everything was free and not annoying.  Well now I can't watch too many Youtube vids without having to sit through some stupid advertisement.  You're waiting to watch Cannibal Corpse and gotta sit through a fucking tampax advertisement.  Does this make any damn sense?  Google has officially written their Black album.  F U whores.  I have other complaints about them but I want to see how some shit turns out.

I've been eating a lot more lately and my 4 year old has taken notice.  After eating more bread one day last week she said to me "Dad you like bread so much your parents should have named you Bread Pitt."

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend full of drama and ridiculousness.


  1. I finished all 5 season. Either the best show I've ever seen, or second best behind The Shield. Hard to call. Either way, was awesome.

  2. Your 4 year old came up with that? That is either comedy gold or a sad indictment of modern celebrity culture, I'm not sure which. Hilarious though.

  3. My 4 year old has had a lot of crazy comments.

    One day at the day care in the gym she noticed a new worker. She walked up to her and this was the exact conversation.

    "You're new here."

    "Yes I am."

    "Are you married?"

    "No. I'm not married."

    "Ooooo so you're lonely."

    "No! I'm not lonely."

    "Ok if you say so."

    She's a real spitfire. Complete smart ass. Totally just like her dad. lol

  4. I've got training logs going back 20 years and I can't believe how many times I get all excited about trying some "new" way to train. Then I look in an old log and find out I already did it and discarded it. Sometimes, I'll try it again anyway and prove to myself that in some ways, I'm not getting any smarter. Full body workouts three days a week: this time, it's gonna work!

  5. LOL God this is so true. It's comedy at this point.

  6. I hit a PR on the 220 Farmers walk/ 200/300/400 Sled drag event for 60 ft down and back on my Saturday event training did it in 49.59 seconds last week did it in 54.10 seconds.

  7. Paul, don't know if you are into documentary films, but I found "Touching the Void" to be an amazing story of survival. FYI, the movie trailer if you are interested..

  8. Nice job Kyle. I need to get me some farmers walks implements badly.

    Scott - I watch a lot of documentaries. I have heard of this one but haven't seen it yet. I will add to the Netflix queue.

  9. I like the new split, a lot of direct/indirect work. If I was to do the once a week set days, I would do the same layout as you. Thanks


  10. As long as my elbow holds up (things are looking good too) I think I will make some good gains with this. I want to get that 1800 raw total under my belt this year and call powerlifting quits.

  11. I'm a huge Nick Diaz fan and I know it's completely crazy, but I can see him fighting GSP and slowly wearing him down so that by round 5, GSP is a mess and Diaz is working toward a solid TKO.

    It's fantasy, I know.

  12. that is def fantasy. GSP's cardio is not of this world.

  13. its been said that styles make fights and gsp's style is wrong for diaz.


  14. Diaz just hasn't fought anyone of GSP's caliber yet. I do think that Diaz very well could be the real deal, but he need to prove a little more.