Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 1 Training - Back/Biceps

Weight - 237

Cable Rows -
stack + 45 x 12
stack x 13
half stack x 15

Pulldowns - stack x 8, half stack x 12, 1/4 stack x 15

Ez Curls - 65 x 15,15,12

Notes - Ok change of plan because of this stupid bicep.  Am going to change around the routine a little bit in order to work this thing some extra.  Plus back to my old stand by routine of chest/shoulder/tricep, back/bicep and legs.  However I will be lifting 6 days a week.  These workouts as short.  Fuck volume training.  I want to go heavy and do brutal back off sets.  I know my shit works so fuck experimentation.

I also did 20 minutes of boxing after this workout.  I will NOT be getting fat this bulking cycle.


  1. Hey Paul, I've been lurking for a wee while after finding you through a random google search (pictures of women squatting I think)

    Anyways, I just wanted to say that seeing you work around this bicep injury is a great education for me. I know it sucks a bit for you, but then like you say, injury is a pretty inevitable part of training hard.

    I was also interested to read what you said about deloading in your Q&A post. I've been a bit indoctrinated with this (I've only been lifting for 2 years, and a lot of stuff I've read in that time bangs on about the need to deload). More recently tho I've been a bit burnt out, and so I've just taken complete rest instead. I am a) feeling a lot more mentally robust for the time away from the gym, and b) have seen some PRs in that time. So I think from now on I'm going to take that strategy.

    So: thanks for a great read, and some great advice!


  2. Alison - What you are writing about is exactly what I have experienced through the years. If I am going to take time off from the gym, just get out completely and let myself mentally WANT to go back in. With deloading I always felt like I was still going back in, even though I didn't want to, and I would also deload "mentally", i.e. lose that mental "want" to lift heavy.

    So you're on the right track. When you start feeling burnt, just get away from the gym all together and go back when you get the itch. I haven't found a better way.