Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chaos and Bang Your Earballs - Grunge Appreciation Edition

Jamie and I have decided that CNBYE's will no longer get numbers, but names.  This makes keeping up with the podcasts just like we like our women.  Simple and easy.  Or something like that....

Anyway, shit we go over!

Gunshot to the chests
Grunge music and our confusion over it and who is singing it
The rite of passage one takes in becoming a man
How we are not medical doctors in regards to injury questions
Old timey strong dudes version new timey strong dudes
Why being patient and consistent is the most important aspect of training and attaining goals




  1. Veni Vidi Vici?

    Zyzz had a tattoo of that.

  2. I look forward to these pod casts every week, don't stop.

  3. The rant about "I did x to my y, what should I do" section had me in tears.

  4. Hey Paul,

    Question for you and Jamie, next podcast.

    What's you're biggest regret, if you have one.

    Keep killing it with these podcasts.


  5. Question:

    Ideas for weight training for swimming performance?

    My friend thinks it will make him get too 'bulky' as you need to be streamlined through the water.

    What are yours and Jamie's thoughts on this?


    1. Eating too much food makes you bulky. Not lifting. I see lots of bulky people everyday that never lift a weight.

  6. People are complaining of not being able to do pull ups? Wtf?
    In the 6th grade I had to do pull ups for the pe test and while some kids could crank out reps, I couldnt even hold onto the bar bec of my strength level and being over weight.
    What did I do?
    I did negatives between loading screens in my video game all day and a few weeks later I could do pull ups. 6th grade and I was able to figure it out so idk why grown adults need help with it. Maybe I should have shot up all those fit 6th graders.

  7. H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide, really nasty deadly gas you see a lot of in the oilfield, it's a biproduct of organic material decomposing. Some oil wells it's so strong that a breath or two and you're dead, really nasty stuff (rotten egg smell of a good fart).
    Should have explained a bit on the question, Breathing Apparatus are required on pretty well all oil rigs and sites, so if someone goes down you mask up and go pull them out.

  8. How to deal with soreness?? WAIT UNTIL ITS GONE. Soreness is part of the process, never understood why so many people can't get this concept. Reps and negatives = Soreness. End of story.

  9. What are your thoughts about training coming off cycle? This isn't going to be a regular thing so I'd like to make it count. I could give a shit less about how much I gain when I'm on; I'm much more interested in where I'll be six months later. For whatever reason, that doesn't seem to be a mindset shared by the bros of the world. At least I don't find any useful information about that transition period on the web.

    Thanks for the blogs and podcasts guys, always informative and entertaining. I'll keep listening as long as they keep coming, even if I do look like a crazy fucker laughing hysterically to myself in public.

    1. You mean coming off completely, and then training?

      If that's the case, I don't think you have to train a lot differently. I was natty for 20 years before I ever took anything. My training never looked any different before/after.

  10. Yeah, coming off completely, no cruising, one and done (for now). I'm not expecting miracles but then again I don't really know what to expect. I guess if I had three awesome months of training unassisted I wouldn't even consider how to "hang onto my gains" from that period. Not sure if this is any different but I imagine it is. Going back natural afterwards I'd like to exploit the increased strength and recovery while on and maintain as much of the progress made under those conditions as possible. I guess I'm asking if there are any strategies to consider or just train hard?

    1. All depends on what you ran, how much, how long, how you were eating then, etc.

      But as I mentioned, my training isn't any different now being on, than when I was natty for 20 years. and my dose is so laughable that I've had guys say to me "why even bother?" if that tells you anything.

      either way, train hard, run, eat good, you'll be fine.

  11. Relevant to potatoes and WWE