Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Training - Squats and Tugs with an inconspicuous PR on a fried CNS

Pause Squats -

High Bar -

Low Bar Pause Squats -

4" Block Deadlifts -

Lunges - 4x30

Notes - Just missed what would have been a big PR on the block deads.  So I dropped back down and did some more doubles at 585, then pulled 655 from there.  I realized later, 655 is PR from the blocks (650x1.5 previously).

I hate the deadlift so much.  Everything about it has felt shitty for weeks, then I just miss 675 from the blocks out of nowhere.  Oh well.

This is my last session before I take next week mostly off.  Then next Saturday, meet training begins.

BTW, the "fried CNS" title is sarcasm.  I don't believe in such broscience nonsense.  You know why?

I squatted last night, and shit was so awful I didn't even log it.  405 felt like a bazillion pounds, so I cut it off after 3 sets.

Tonight I went in and smoked 500 for 3 singles in the pause squat, then just missed what would have been a 25 pound PR on block pulls, and pulled a 5 pound PR.

CNS burnout.....broscience horseshit.


  1. Paul,
    Not related to this post in any way, but I have a question about the Big-15 program which I purchased today.
    Is someone like me (BW 150lbs @ 5'10, Deadlift 225 x5, Benching 100 x5, Squatting 185 x5) way too small and weak to run this program? The way I see it is that if I add weight and reps over the 6 weeks and eat a ton of food, its gotta work. But I searched through the site and saw a lot of comments about it being an advanced program..
    Just wanted to get an opinion.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. If you have to question if you are an advanced're not. Start with the beginner routine, until your lifts build. Star after it.

    2. Yeah, that makes sense.
      Btw, thanks for all the amazing content that you put up on this site, its really helped me to simplify training and focus on the big picture. Now I just gotta knuckle down and make some consistent gains.

  2. Sounds like your CNS recovered since yesterday. Must have been the Tai Chi

  3. With this CNS burnout shit, is it just people trying to come up with a fancy name for "being tired" or what, because i see this everywhere. If you actually managed to burn out your CNS i should think you'd be a lot worse than just having a bad training session.

    1. Well my beef with that particular piece of broscience goes like this....

      "You can't deadlift that often bro, you'll fry your CNS"

      and such dumbshit like that.

      You cannot "burn out" your CNS. If people REALLY looked up what the CNS and PNS did, they would stop this shit. Two different doctors talked about the whole CNS burnout thing, and yes, it's really just a fancy way to say you are tired. You are "tired" because of a lack of glucose, BCAA, and ATP for the workout. Not because you did too many deadlifts or squats or too often, and now that particular movement pattern is "fried". It's retarded.

    2. I couldn't disagree more!

      Your CNS can easily burn out if you don't take the right protein powder - fact

      What protein you using bro?

      Congrats and the PR, blog is a great resource for no b.s training info.

      Also the line up for Supertraing SPF meet Nov 3rd looks awesome, any chance of you or Jamie jumping in last minute to make even more awesome.

    3. After a small fight with the wife, I went up to the gym a little worked up and set new 1RM on overhead, front, and low bar squat, then missed a 1RM on press, and set a new 1RM on deadlift. Felt like crap for a few days after that. That wasn't CNS burnout?

    4. Keith - I'm doing a UPA meet in November but it's like 2 weeks after the backyard meet. I personally don't think I am worthy to compete in the backyard meet of the century. Most of those guys are record breakers. Oh except for one, who has never done a meet or strength competition in his life. Youtube strength warriors!

    5. Shame, good luck with the UPA and hope the quad continues to improve.

      Interesting to see how the YouTubers crack on. Whether they can 'do the do' when it matters at a meet or if they turn into ice creams and melt. If they can, then Spoto has a real chance at Mendleson's WR. Also George Leoman if he decides to deadlift what he can do.

  4. I think everybody that does/did DC, every strongman on Earth, Jamie Lewis (or maybe he's, GENETICALLY GIFTED?) and the vast majority of pre-50s lifters show how bullshit "fried" CNSs are.

    brb, gonna go squat for 20 reps and do deadlifts two days later for 12 and reap the benefits