Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - More on the Ohio Sessions

Meet prep starts in a few weeks.  I have come to terms with the fact that I probably am not going to squat 660 at this meet, because my leg is still not 100%.  I talked with Peggers about this for a long time yesterday and it's smarter right now, to hit something moderate on the squat and possibly push the bench and dead a little bit.  Then settle on a meet maybe for spring time, and take a shot at 1870 beltess there, i.e. 66-485-725.

My meet planning for November will be to cruise on the squat for a bit, and program very low.  Since the squat is going to be programmed so low I may decide to up the volume on deadlifting just to see if I can get in a nice pull.  Benching has gone fine for a long time now, so I'm not overly concerned about the bench.  450 close grip should be in the bag.  Kind of like a foster kid, I never know what my deadlift is going to act like.

So I hit 65x100 on the Poundstone curls the other day.  I'm pretty sure that Eric Lilliebridge has unofficially bowed out of this competition (though he won't scream uncle about it) and he cries foul that I genetically altered biceps to keep doing the shit I'm doing with them.  He did say I should go for 100x100 and that does sound pretty cool.  It's possibly I may try it.

Post 65x100 and not happy

Speaking of 100 reps, Jim's article in t-nation about our training sessions and brainstorming is now up.  I didn't want to give too much away about it because Jim told me he wanted to do an article about what we did, and talked about there.  Since it's up now I can go over some of the things we talked about and the conclusions we came to.

Ohio Session - 

It actually started during the workout.  I had done my squats and was working on t-bar rows, and had been explaining to Jim about the Poundstone curls.  Jim goes over and gets the empty bar, places it in the rack, and starts curling.

"Are you trying it out right now?" I asked him, incredulously.


So I grabbed my camera, and started filming his set at about the 45 rep mark.

Jim got the 100, set the bar down and let out a "fuck me" in regards to the pain that accompanied the set.

We all poked fun about it and laughed.  Jim sat down on the bench and literally held his right forearm for about 10 minutes, wincing from the pain.  "That's awesome.  Wow."

I thought that was the end of it, and continued doing my 1-legged squats.

"What about the plate raise?" he said to me.

"With the 100?"


"With how much?" I said.

Jim pondered for a minute.

"The 25 pound bumper plate.  All the way overhead.  Not just stopping at eye level.  Take it all the way from here (at the waist) to overhead."

"Ok, that would work."

/Jim looks at me with a stare/

"Oh you want to do it today?"

"Why not, you're not going anywhere are you?" he said.

So, I grabbed the 25 pound bumper plate and started.  I ended up doing 120 I believe, and my shoulders, traps, and upperback were fucking torched.

Our good buddy Alva Leisure, who had already done lots of benching and 5x10 on overhead press, jumped in as well, and knocked out 100.  Many profanities followed his set.

The three of us were sweating like a car load of fat chics on the way to a Magic Mike showing.

"Shoulders and traps are fucking dying." I told Jim.

He paid no mind.  I could tell he was thinking about "what else?"

I know this, because that's what he said as a response to that.

"What else?"

"Well, the 1 legged squats I was just doing."

"You mean with the back foot up on the bench?"

"Yeah.  They are great because they stretch the back leg hip flexor, and help with balance and support."

"Ok, let's add those in." Jim said, as he scribbled on the white board.

"I'd say, go with those, and substitute lunges."

"So one week lunges, and then...."

"Yeah, the next week the 1 legged."

Jim wrote that down on the white board.

"What else?" he said.

I walked over to the white board and stood next to Jim, looking at it with him.

"I want to add in leg curls.  With ankle weights."

"Like those Wal-Mart ankle weights?"

"Yeah" he said.  "You can do em just lying on the floor.  Simple."

"I like it." I said.  "Add it in."

Jim scribbled.

"How about sit ups?" he said.

"The good ol fashioned kind?  Or on a decline bench?"

"Yeah the old fashioned kind, just on the floor.  Feet hooked.  People still say the sit-up isn't a good exercise and it's bullshit.  Juliet pointed out to me that, "what's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?""

"Yeah, you just sit up."

Jim nodded, and scribbled it on the white board.

We debated back and forth on tricep work, or even doing overhead pressing for 100 reps, but we kept finding more negatives involved in adding that than positives.

"What about band good mornings?" he said.

"Yeah you could do that, however you'd have to be careful with placement because the low back would get severely fucked up sore from it."

"Agreed." he said.  So he jotted it down after the main deadlift day only, as to put all of the most direct low back work on one day.  However neither of us were really sold on that particular movement.

"Hey what about the Kirk shrugs?" he said.

"Yeah, a shrug in there would be awesome.  What load though?"

Jim thought for a minute.  "The trap bar."

"How much weight?" I said.

"None.  Just the empty trap bar."

"You don't think it will need some load?"

"Nah, let's just do it concentrating on really squeezing back there.  I've been doing the Kirk rows and man, it just destroys your traps.  I've literally only been using 1 or 2 plates.  Works great."


Jim gave me that look again.

"Oh we're doing that one too?" I said.

Standard response from Jim....."you're not going anywhere right now are you?"

Fuck it.

"Ok so right now?" I said.

"Hell no, I need about 18-20 minutes.  You want a power-ade?"

"Yes, please."

So we sat around and continued brainstorming until I said "Fuck it let's get this over with."

So I went.  100 reps with the empty trap bar.  Trying to pull my hands into my armpits basically.

As I did the set I thought "too light" because the first 55-60 went fast with no issues.  About rep 70 however, my arms started raising less and less.  I had to finish the last 15 or so in segments of 5's.

After I put the bar down, my traps and delts were fucking screaming at me.

"Wasn't that bad." I said with a laugh.

Alva went next, and got his 100.  Then Jim went and got his.

The aftermath was the same each time.  We all sat around pouring buckets and laughing about how terrible and awesome these sets felt.

Jim and I went back to the white board, and kept brainstorming.  Eventually writing out a split, and how to rotate in the movements.  He told me he was going to keep massaging it and do an article about it for T-Nation.

Three and a half hours after we started training, we finally finished up and then Jim let me go into the basement and bang on his drums for a while.  After departing, he and I kept texting about ideas regarding it.  Just like the "good ol days" when he and I would exchange hundreds of e-mails about shit like this.  Jim always makes fun of the fact that we write out 1000000's of routines, and what losers we must be for doing so.  But for whatever reason, these things always seem to resonate with the two of us.  I have no doubt that if I were out there training with Jim on a weekly basis our training sessions would generally be this long from all of the shit we would talk about trying out or incorporating.

I hope I get a chance in the near future to get some more time at the "five point" gym.

Oh and if you do the program, do it like Jim wrote it.  Don't ask "can I...." in regards to bastardizing it.

Do you know how much we hate that shit?


More misc. shit - 

I saw the new Bourne flick this week.  Well, it's underwhelming.  I will just say that.  No where near as smart or engaging, and nowhere near as action packed.  In fact, I was rather bored with most of it, and was completely lost or confused at how they were trying to tie in Blackbriar and Treadstone with all of it.  Totally disappointed.

I did see, however, upon leaving the theater that they are making a new Red Dawn (which I believe I already knew) and it has the dude that played Thor in it.  So the wife will most definitely want to go masturbate...I mean see that, in the theater.

I hope everyone had a bananas good Labor Day.


  1. Paul,

    Quick question I have noticed when I chest press(mainly flat, incline, and dips) that when I unrack and start the descent it feels as if my right elbow is going to give out and feels weak. I wear elbow sleeves, been hitting the forearm work hard(reverse curls and hammer curls), and been hitting the alt db curls hard(high volume). Anything else I can do to fix the problem and strengthen my elbows?

    1. Probably work on your elbow travel during the movement. It should also be a shoulder or cuff issue as well. Try some internal and external rotation for a while and play with your elbow travel. Try tucking a little more or a little less and see if the issue gets fixed.

  2. Paul,

    Thanks will try those things and see if I get some improvement.

  3. Paul what were the negatives for 100 rep tricep work exactly?

    1. Not for the tricep work, but the overhead pressing.....we both just felt like after the bench and then the 5x10 on overheads there wasn't much of a need for 100 rep set of overhead press. It was redundant.

    2. Hmm, I may be a fool but I'm going to experiment with this idea of 100 reps and try 100 rep tricep pushdowns with a very light band at the end of my pressing. I know the Westside guys used to do high rep band pushdowns for elbow pain and I noticed they always helped my elbows too. I'm also looking to bring up my tricep size so I'm curious to see if it would do anything to help that.

      As a side note I about died trying the 100 rep single leg squats. Could only make it to 50 each leg before my heart felt like it was going to explode. Same shit with the curls but just hit total failure. 65x100 is crazy to me.

  4. Looking forward to the rotational split article if you still have that in the works!

  5. The T-Nation article says the weight he used for the 100 rep Kirk shrugs was 135 pounds, not the empty bar. What gives?

    1. 135 seems right. We were just playing around with stuff that day to test stuff out.

  6. Hmm for the raises I wonder how doing them like Xiaojun does them would feel:


    I wouldn't do them with the 10kgs though!

  7. I knew you'd be gunning for the 100x100. That would be badassed to the bone, man.

    When you hear that someone did 100 reps in one set, its almost a guaranteed eye opener. For the past several months I been gunning for 100 reps in roughly 4 different exercises.
    135lbs: Bench Press and Squat. Gunning for 100.
    Dumbbell Row. 100x100.
    Dumbbell Tricep Overhead Extension. 50x100.

    No reason or rhyme, just because I wanted to. I do believe that all the high reps that I have done aids my heavy lifting. There is a sense of overlapping a hybrid of brute strength and muscular endurance that is undeniable.

  8. For all of you fretting over "Paul wrote about an empty bar, but Jim said use 135" chances are 135 will be too heavy for you anyway. When in doubt use an empty bar or the easiest bodyweight exercise you can think of and even that will kick your ass. I know, I did 100 free squats after my assistance work tonight because I knew I couldn't do 100 lunges. And guess what? I could barely get 100 free squats.

    This shit sucks in the best possible way, so just dump the ego and start as light as you can.

    1. Paul, have you thought of rotating in dumbbell curls with the barbell curls. I think 22.5 lb dumbbells would be more difficult than a 45 lb barbell because you will be held back by your weaker arm. Maybe if you rotated dumbbell curls in to bring up the weak arm your barbell numbers will really jump up. Food for thought.

      By the way, I did the 100 rep upper body day from the routine Jim put up (posted my experience as mrjasonbbc). I didn't rest long between the front raises and curls and failed miserably at the curls. I have done them before when you first posted about them and was able to get through them fresh. I nearly vomited during the rows. Several times. Thanks for your contributions man!

    2. I think db's would be easier personally.