Friday, September 21, 2012

The Great MMA Depression of 2012

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Depending on who you talk to, it's either Dana White, Greg Jackson, or Jon Jones's fault that UFC 151 will never have happened. Some might even say its Dan Henderson's fault. All the different variables, from injuries to who said what, make my head hurt. I feel sorry for Dana White in moments like this,  then I remember how rich he is, and remember that it's all his fault.

You going to blame Jon? He found out, like everyone else, 8 days before the event. That's maybe 3 days of training, but the rest is, If it's Jon's fault, then remove the part of the contract that affords him this right. Contract the fighters to a fight on a date, and that's it. Anything else is just an excuse to use when times get tough or they don't like their new opponent.

You going to blame Dana? Yes and No. He mentioned being slightly mad at Henderson for not telling him right away. He found out and did what he always does and tried to save the event. Its not like he didn't try. Oh God did he try. Chael vs Jones would have been epic, if it weren't for the stigma attached to Chael fighting Jones right after losing to Anderson Silva. I can understand animosity towards Sonnen getting back to back title shots in different weight classes, especially after lip service, but times are hard. Apparently the show doesn't have to go on either.

You gonna blame Greg? For what? He's in the fight winning business. If his fighter is not contractually obligated to put himself at a disadvantage, Greg is sure as hell not going to put them there. Dana calls him "A sport killer", but his techniques and coaching are proven. Chael is a formidable opponent at either weight, and deserves study. Not to mention the obvious: A Henderson training camp is different than a Sonnen training camp.

Maybe, just maybe, if the fight determinations were not arbitrary, if there was structure, then maybe this shit wouldn't have gone down like it did. If I had to blame someone, I'd blame Dana White, because it's his job, his whims determine fights, and he makes the most money. Sure I was disappointed by the unprecedented cancellation. Yes, I was irritated by the great champ willfully saying no to a fight, but that's his prerogative that he has been afforded contractually. The buck stops up top, with Dana and crew, and the responsibility of the events are ultimately his and managements to manage. Injuries are off the charts right now, and perhaps some of the more compromised cards of the past, should have been cancelled as well.

If he puts a tournament style structure to fights and adds a super fight class, he can have the structure desperately needed, and still have a class of fighter where the fights can be arbitrarily made. Super Class contenders must meet one of the following and be in fight shape:

1. Former champion
2. More than X amount of wins.
3. More than X amount of fight awards.
4. Hall of Fame member.

This would give him a class of fighters to make super fights from and matchups to save events (Jones vs Bonner), while the rest of the weight classes could adopt a structure like Bellator.

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