Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Training details for the upcoming UPA meet

I've had a few people ask me how I am going to structure my training for the UPA Meet in detail.  So I thought I'd break that down.

I will be using the strong-15 short cycle with 1 extra week for acclimation because of me taking this week off, and the wisdom toofus surgery.

Saturdays - Squats and Deads
Squats - cycle
Pause Squat - cycle
Deadlifts - cycle
Elevated Stiff Legs - cycling, weeks 1 and 2, 455xreps, weeks 3 and 4, 475xreps, week 5 and 6, 500xreps
1 Legged Work - 50-100 reps

Notes - Pretty straight forward here.  For the deads, I plan on running up to 655 for a single.  I will then hit my meat and potatoes, elevated stiff legs.  I'd like to hit 500x10-12 in week 6 if possible.

Squatting wise, I plan on hitting 615 or so in the final week, no belt-no wraps, and then 2x3 in the pause squat with 525.  If that goes well, 660 should be in the bag.  I will do my best to get the 1 legged work in but I can't make a promise it will happen each week.    

Tuesdays - Upperback and Abs
Chins/Pulldowns - alternate week to week - 3 sets
Cable Rows/Barbell Rows - alternate week to week - 3 sets
Shrugs - 2x50
Ab Wheel or Sit Ups - 3 sets

Notes - Nothing special to write home about here.  Just going to do 2 warm ups, and a top set of 10-15 on the chins/pulldowns/rows.  I may do even more than is written down here.  My entire back needs to get bigger and stronger.

Thursdays - Bench and Assistance
Bench one week, Incline the Next - cycle
After bench I will still incline, but light for 2 high reps set.  On the other weeks, I will incline for 2x5, then 1xAMAP.
After Inclines I will do dumbbell bench for 2-3 sets of 12-15
I will follow all of this up with curlsx100, then do front raises x100 one week, and face pullsx100 the next.  I may also get some high rep tricep work in there.

Notes - Going back to my bench one week, incline the next setup.  My pec minor is a little achy right now so I am not going to push it and try to bench each week.  I will bench 3 times before the meet.  Week 1 will be up to 365.  Week 3 will be up to 405.  Week 5 will be up to 430.  The plan at the meet is to go 450-460 close grip.  During the down week I will do a couple of sets of 5 with 275.  If I crush 430, I should be good for 450-460.

For incline I'd like to hit a couple of sets of 5 with 365 on the off bench weeks by the end of the cycle, and a couple of sets of 15 with the 140 pound bells on the flat db bench.  I'm keeping the Poundstone curls and plate raises in.  On alternating weeks I will do face pulls instead of front raises.

All in all I'd like to go 660 - 460 - 700 at 242.  Giving me 1820 beltless.  My training cycle is setup to CRUSH those weights in training, not strain against them.  If I can crush all of those weights in training, then I should have an excellent meet and hit my numbers.


  1. Hey Paul,

    I dont think this is the right spot to ask the question but I dunno where else to ask it so here it goes: I bought SLL and really liked it, I want to run the big 15 program but I'm not advanced like the book says you should be to run it. Like Credence Clear Water "that ain't me." Is there an "old big 15" that I can run for intermediate lifters? Or is this info in ur philosophy of programs book? To give you an idea of where I am 196 lbs, Bench: 280, Dead: 420, Overhead press: 165. Also, I was thinking about running the big 15 on upper body lifts with the strong 15 on the deadlift.

  2. So on those programs when you write 5,4,3,2,1,1 or like a back off set of 8-12 am I using percentages? If so which ones?

    1. Nope. Just be conservative with your poundages.

  3. What are you basing your elevated stiff leg numbers off of? Following the stiff leg cycle but just the first 6 weeks?

  4. Paul,

    For the pause squats what cycle are you using just for reference.

  5. You mentioned here (and before in other posts I remember reading) that you've had pec minor issues. Any advice on rehab/prehab for the pec minor?

    I've had issues with my left pec minor for the last 5 months (painful/tight all the time), had an MRI at the Ortho that came back clean, just tight and inflamed. I was put on NSAIDs and PT. Been avoiding bench and most pressing cause it just hurts too damn much... doing the PT stretches, foam rolling, and had some ART sessions, but it's still pretty much painful all the time...

    Just curious if you had any exercises/rehab stuff that's worked well for this issue?

    Thanks man. Love the blog.

    1. did you buy strength life legacy?

    2. I have not yet... guessing it covers this?

    3. I have a whole chapter dedicated to prehab and rehab.