Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day (week?) Shirt Sale

Dropping shirt prices to $15 for both.  I LITERALLY have 6 Lion shirts left, so it won't last long.

I have black and gray for the "Death is winning...." shirts.  But in limited quantity in black.  So, here is the deal with the price drop.  

IF YOU ORDER BLACK YOU MAY GET GRAY!  Just be aware of that.  

Hope everyone appreciates my labor day drop.  I am going to restock the "Death is winning..." shirts however in a new fabric (a softer poly cotton) with a new logo on the front.  So if you don't get one, just hang out for a few and I will have some new ones that will be even more bad ass.  

Now, eat ribs and drink alcohol and buy shirts!!!  Link is here 


  1. Can I buy it through Amazon at the same price( due to Paypal shipping charges)?

    1. You're complaining about a $1.50 when I just dropped the price?

      Come on, man.

  2. you'll probably have a post on this tomorrow or somesuch, but good to see your session with jim referenced on the t-nation site.