Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meet Training - Week 2 - Support work

Bodyweight - 247

Cable rows - up to the stack x 15
V-Bar Row Downs - up to the stack x 8
Flex Machine Seated Shrugs - up to 365x12
Good Mornings - 155 x 4 sets of 10
Decline Sit ups - 4x15

Notes - Tired as heck.  But it's just assistance so who cares?  Need to do some good girl/bad girl work too.  Will get that in tomorrow.

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  1. Thought you may have some insight in helping me answer this question...

    Yesterday I pulled 365x1 every 90 seconds and did 20 total reps, the last rep being very explosive and 95% as fast as the first rep. What would you estimate a 1RM as derived from this type of training?