Saturday, March 9, 2013

Training - Assistance/Support work

Bodyweight - 248

Cable Rows - up to stack x 12
Row Downs - up to stack x 8
Flex Machine Shrugs - triple drop - 365x8 - 275x8 - 185x8  This machine is fucking HEAVY.
Good Mornings - 155 x 4 sets of 10
Decline Sit Ups - 3x15 up to a whopping 10 pound plate behind the head
Twisty Machine - 2x10

Notes - I've got this intensity and volume thing for support work really nailed down.  I don't get psyched or get too "up" for any of it.  I make sure I make the actual muscles do work, and I don't sacrifice form to move more weight.  God I sound like a fucking douche article from a Muscle rag.  But seriously, I've dialed the intensity WAY back on assistance.  Why the fuck people go super heavy on this shit boggles my mind now.

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  1. I've found it productive to think of the balance of primary work and assistance work the way a professional Olympic lifter would, except instead of doing snatches and C&J's, I'm doing deadlifts and bench presses along with squats. The many sets of the main lift are what is just to stay healthy -- almost a throwaway.