Saturday, March 2, 2013

Start of meet prep - Assistance work

Bodyweight - 245

Cable Rows - up to stack x 12
V-Bar Rowdowns - up to stack x 6
Flex Seated Shrugs - up to 315x8
Good Mornings - 135 x 5 sets of 10

Notes - What a funny day at the gym.  I had a very obvious gay dude tell me I had an amazing body, and a dude tell his girlfriend to "pay attention to the workout and stop staring at that guy".  The pheromones must be strong today!  hahahahaha


  1. Replies
    1. I agree total win.

      I've given up on the hot girls..but I wish a gay guy would hit on me. Would be a total ego booster. They would need to like hefty "bear" class heffers with abundant body hair.

      My gay Uncles main squeeze told me recently..."You should come to the [local gay club] with us. You'd be a hot 'bear' the 'twinks' would love you! It would be hilarious..."

      I had no idea what he was talking about. My wife tried to explain, and after some (very unfortunate) googling I am flattered/appalled (simultaneously) and will never let my gay Uncle's squeeze hug me again. Ever. His hugs "linger".

      Paul I believe you would be a 'sandwich' or 'alpha bear'.

      Not that I would know. Ahem.


  2. See what happens when you let real powerlifters in commercial gyms? No wonder they want to keep you guys away.

    I'm determined to get the low-bar thing working now (for my squats)-- If the bar is digging into bone on my shoulders this means it's too low or something is wrong, right? Or is this how it's supposed to be and you're just supposed to deal with it, similar to the deadlift and your shins etc.

    1. Sounds like you don't have your scapula retracted enough. You need to sit the bar on top of your rear delts.

    2. Paul, have you ever tried doing solely high bar squats and then switching to low bar for a meet? I guess Ed Coan did high bar during the off season, and Glenn Pendlay claims that the high bar has a good carry over to low bar, yet vice versa isn't true.

    3. Man... I had an 900 lb. (equipped) squatter tell me the same thing and even show me where he thought it should go for a more PL style squat and I still ran into the same problem.

      Would the way that Andy Ruse squats be considered "high-bar"?

  3. Yea, I had a creeper moment a few weeks ago myself...