Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old dudes setting PR's

Old dudes setting PR's. Awesome.

Notice how once he stopped fucking maxing out, he got stronger? I know, it's alien concept to some but actually training to get stronger doesn't require strength demonstrations. I know, it's fucking weird and shit..........



Just wanted to say thanks. I set a pr of 340 lbs. in the squat last night. My previous best was 325 lbs. (set last November). I was one of those guys that kept training the squat above 90%. Since November, I couldn't get past 315. I would struggle with that weight most of the time. My typical squat workout was : bar x20, bar x20, 135 x5, 185 x3, 225 x1, 275 x1, then anywhere up to 315 x1. Quite a few of these workouts, the 275 x1 would almost bury me and I would call it quits for the day.

Around Christmas, I bought LRB-365. I really wanted to beat my previous max in the squat. I started the week after New Year's. I programmed in 340 lbs. (maybe too ambitious) and got to work, following the program exactly as you laid it out. Well, 9 weeks later, I squatted 340 lbs. I've got to tell you, at 52 years old, I didn't think I would be breaking any records, I am so pumped now. I'm thinking of running the LRB short cycle and programming a modest 345 lbs. and seeing how that goes.

So, thanks Paul for all your hard work and getting the information out. You've given me inspiration to keep training and not to give up on my goals.

Brian Foley


  1. Hey! As a 47 year old guy setting PR's regularly...52 is not old!! At least from our point of view...which will be yours some day too!


    1. I don't think that's old either, but I think it's cool to be an "old dude" liftin. So I really throw it out as a compliment.

    2. I'm 44 and when I look around the gym, I'm not the oldest, but I am an "older dude" lifting, so I too think it's awesome. My son and daughter are 4 and 6, so I've got to keep at it for a long time anyway, so they have a good example!

  2. Paul, thanks for the complement. I'm more inspired to train now then when I was in my 20's. As I said, I will be running the LRB Short Cycle with 345 lbs. as my goal, so I'll let you know how it goes.

    An interesting side note, during the 9 weeks I felt fresh at every workout, my body didn't feel beat up. This is so important to us older lifters.


  3. Read a quote from a guy opening a gym in Switzerland over on another website.

    "I love powerlifting, and I love the bodybuilding part. My main goal is to get stronger, and I have been able to make good progress using submaximal poundages.”

    I can't remember...who touts submax work?